Join Susan Stelter at this year's Great Place to Work Conference as she presents “Conquering the Salary Stand-off: How rethinking your total rewards philosophy and career development can help you attract and retain the right employees.”


At West Monroe Partners, developing people is an integral part of their “people first” vision. It is part of their core – but a few years ago they knew there was missing ingredient to their recipe for success. The missing link was an open discussion about where their people see themselves long term. It was clear they needed to be better at communicating with their people on a more personal level about what is important to them and their future.

The answer was establishing a program around long term career development – and so their “Career Equity” model was born. Career Equity is a way of thinking and a framework that can help people understand how to build and deploy career assets in pursuit of meaningful work and job satisfaction and do so in an intentional and purposeful way. Built on the principle that great results are achieved on purpose, not by accident, Career Equity provides tools and strategies to start and keep people on a path toward the careers they envision. West Monroe Partners found it fits very well with their culture and values. It provides language that resonates well in their environment and helps them talk more openly about the concept of “career.” And it delivers practical tools and approaches that will enable them to make meaningful changes—both in the short and longer terms. They’ve initiated a very deliberate process around the concept of Career Equity, integrating it with their performance management process and business.

The “on-the-job" work experiences people gain at West Monroe Partners are virtually unmatched. As a consultant, their people interface directly with c-level clients, work with their leadership team and have an immediate impact on their people’s career and firm from day one. And as West Monroe Partners continues to grow, both in size and profitability, the potential for greater individual rewards increases right along with it. In fact, as their people progress through the career model and lengthen tenure with West Monroe Partners, the compensation and incentives received will only continue grow meaningfully over time. They’ve found this to be a winning formula for attracting and keeping the right people.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How a meaningful total rewards package can help organizations attract and retain the right employees
  • The foundation of Building Career Equity and how professionals and their firms can achieve mutual and meaningful growth
  • How to re-recruit current employees in order to retain valuable talent.