West Monroe's Paul DeCotis to discuss how to improve stakeholder engagement for successful project design and delivery
West Monroe Partners to sponsor and present at the 2015 EUCI conference. As an attendee of this conference, you will hear best practice case studies from leading electric transmission professionals, and the strategies and methods they use to positively engage stakeholders and overcome project obstacles.

8:45 - 9:30 a.m. : Improving Stakeholder Engagement for Successful Project Design and Delivery

Conveying the concept and plan for siting new transmission projects while complicated, does not have to be a communications nightmare. Regulators have to approve projects and cost recovery, local governments have to grant permits, and citizens have to deal with local impacts, including construction, potential road disruption, noise, and long-lasting visual impacts. All parties have a right to know what is involved. Communication strategies for transmission project management need to be characterized by openness, transparency, accuracy, and the realistic assessments of impacts which include reliability, visual, land, and cost, and must be compared to the next best alternative. Communications need to answer the question "if not this, then what?" provided that a real need for this or some alternative project exists. In this session, examples, case studies, and best practices will be used to demonstrate how to improve communications and involve a multitude of stakeholders in successful project design and delivery.

Paul DeCotis, formerly Vice President of Power Markets, Long Island Power Authority Director, Energy and Utility Practice, West Monroe Partners, LLP