West Monroe Partners to sponsor and speak at this year's UTC Cybersecurity Workshop

West Monroe Partners has signed on to sponsor and present at this year's UTC Cybersecurity Workshop – Managing ICT Supply Chain Risks in Utilities.

Utilities and information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers work together to ensure reliability and safety of critical infrastructure. To deploy ICT solutions into the critical infrastructure utilities and ICT suppliers need to exchange sensitive information, access each other's systems, and allow physical access to each other's facilities. Furthermore, the ICT that supports the delivery of vital services such as energy, water, and gas, is present in those systems for years to come.
What are the risks of this ICT being susceptible to compromise? How does the dependency on each other impact the risk posture of both utilities and their ICT suppliers?

The workshop will bring together a group of experts who have addressed this problem in multiple industry contexts. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss ICT supply chain risks, hear what policies and standards they can use to inform the dialog, and learn how they can integrate ICT supply chain considerations into their enterprise risk management processes.
Who should attend?

  • Utility technology practitioners and acquisition/procurement professionals
  • Legal professionals working with utilities
  • Suppliers that provide information and communication (ICT) products and services to utilities
  • Regulators and policy makers


  • Why It is So Important for Acquirers and Suppliers to Have a Dialog About ICT Supply Chain Risks
  • Seven Basic Questions to Start the Discussion
  • Integrating ICT Supply Chain Concerns Into How You Do Business
  • Using Existing Practices to Shape the Conversation: Cybersecurity Procurement Language for Energy Delivery Systems