West Monroe's Anthony Algmin to discuss data governance at the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference in June

Anthony Algmin, data governance practice lead at West Monroe Partners, will be speaking at the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference about how to gain executive buy-in for data governance.

Data Governance professionals have a deep understanding of its value to organizations, but too often burgeoning governance efforts fall on deaf ears at higher levels, especially when looking for resources. This is not because data governance is a poor investment – it’s because we often fail to connect the activities to business impact in ways that executives demand. There are two reasons for this. 

First, we have the terminology all wrong: “Data” Governance is not really possible – data makes no decisions of its own. Data Governance is actually about providing “people” with the context they need to make appropriate decisions – and data is where we measure the consequences of these decisions. 

Second, Data Governance is not very tangible or intuitive. Too often we try to build a business case talking about the process and what we will do. Those are less meaningful than the outcomes we will drive, and how they will impact the business. 

This session will highlight:
  • How a “typical” executive views Data Governance
  • Pivoting the focus from “Data” Governance to enabling people’s decision-making
  • Getting past the ROI question: quantifying is best, and what to do if you don’t have numbers
  • Marketing Data Governance: getting sign-off and resources is just the beginning