Join West Monroe at the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year!

Joel Brock, Kate Fisher, Greg Melroy, Chris Maughan, Brian Pacula and Tamika Watts present at this year's IIE conference in Montreal. 

West Monroe presents on the following topics:

  • A history of picking technology
  • Transform your retail pharmacy through process innovation
  • Utilizing simulation to determine a retail best practice
  • Addressing the challenge of IEs helping non-profits
  • Reformulating a non-profit strategy for sustained success
  • Using defined work processes in successful engineered labor standards
  • Driving efficiencies with big data
  • Realizing higher delivery productivity utilizing work measurement and real-time data
  • Preparing IE undergrads for arbitration, mediation, and litigation of labor standards, labor law,  
  • Litigation - Arbitration: Could you successfully defend your engineering work?