Don't miss Dave Babicz speaking on Living the Agile Life
Dave Babicz will be presenting at the PMI Chapter meeting on "Living the Agile Life."

More than 10 years after the formal “founding” of Agile, it has reached the mainstream, and also suffered from a good deal of misunderstanding. In this session, Dave will explain real secrets behind Agile: what it is really about, and why it is so difficult to adopt in today’s organizations. We’ll focus on answering your questions, exploring what it takes to make Agile really successful, and help you decide if it’s right for you and your organization.

From this presentation, attendees will take away:

  • The essence of Agile - A perspective on the values, principles, history, and how it relates to current development and management theory and practices
  • Agile nuts & bolts for the PM - Brief overview of practices, roles, & responsibilities in Agile product delivery (focused on today's PM)
  • Making the shift - Thoughts on how to get started, affect the change, and where and whether to apply Agile in your organization or industry


Wednesday, November 13th

Chevy Chase Country Club
1000 N Milwaukee Ave
Wheeling, IL 60090