Presented by PaymentsSource and American Banker
Join West Monroe at the 25th Annual Card Forum and Expo.

West Monroe's John Vance will be speaking on the "Credit Card Marketing (R)evolution - From List Based to Customer Centric."

Today, credit card marketing revolves around traditional database approaches that involve a long and analytically intensive process of mass sending offers to customers. This process lacks an efficient way to track, tailor, or monitor those communications without a considerable amount of effort and labor intensive statistical analytics. The rise of the digital age has created a shift to a more real-time, customer-centric approach, which has caused marketers to rethink the way they do business.

Building and sustaining relevance is indelibly linked to customer experience. The universal, constant connectivity that comes through the Internet, smartphones, and social media enables organizations to dialog with customers one-on-one, in real time. Add in location based services and the knowledge of customer behavior and history, and real customer intimacy is an achievable vision. And the prize is wallet share; being the customer’s card of choice.

A gap exists between today’s environments of manually intensive, error-prone and push-based campaigns and the promised land of digital strategy, location-based offers, and cross-channel integration. In the end, the credit card companies that “win” are the ones that are able to respond to customer needs and provide offers relevant to what the customer needs…right now.