Deriving Testing Strategies from User Experience Design Practices
Deriving Testing Strategies From User Experience Design Practices

Venkat Moncompu, a manager with West Monroe Partners, will be speaking on Deriving Testing Strategies from User Experience Design Practices. Venkat advocates quality by design in the software development projects that he engages in.

The conference is a “must attend” event for software product managers, quality professionals, Agilists, managers, contractors, consultants, customers, developer-testers, tester-developers, and maintenance engineers.

Deriving Testing Strategies from User Experience Design Practices

User experience (UX) design framework provides a set of tools for understanding the user needs, scenarios and context of use for deriving the conceptual, behavioral and interaction models of the user experience. These same attributes of user experience are the ones quality-by-design focuses on. Therefore, it is a natural consequence to rely on these practices to gain insights while deriving the user acceptance testing strategy.

This article attempts to demonstrate the value and insights gained by the testing teams through the analysis and review of the UX design artifacts from a case study to aiding the discovery and learning during exploratory testing in agile iterative development. It is compelling to see the usefulness of the factors like scenario-based and contextual design in providing a framework for unscripted exploratory testing. The case study further helps to overcome the gap that is found in these teams rich in engineering culture that is at odds with the exploratory testing which is more of an art than a science.