High Performance Computing in the Cloud

The World’s Largest Conference Dedicated to SOA, Cloud Computing & Service Technology

Dan Rosanova of West Monroe Partners will be speaking High Performance Computing in the Cloud during day 1 of the Service Infrastructure & Virtualization track. Click here to learn more.

As cloud computing ushers in an era of low cost highly scalable platforms and solutions it is also brining massive computing power once reserved for government and research institutions to every organization in the world. Beyond the concept of merely elastic computing this computing power will change the way many business function and their low barrier to entry will enable research on an unprecedented scale. Problems that involve intensive calculations or simulations can benefit from the massive parallelization that the cloud provides.

Whether through scale-out architectures like Grid / Cluster / Hadoop, or completely new approaches, such as General Purpose Graphics Processor Unit (GP GPU), there are a variety of emerging high performance computing options coming to the cloud. Any organization can now harness processing resources that once required the heavy capital investment of a super computer on a pay for use basis that is both cost effective and sustainable. This session will describe the problem spaces and architectural techniques that are well served by cloud based high performance computing.

Topics covered will include:

  • Identifying suitable problem spaces
  • Parallel processing architectures
  • Data access techniques
  • Available platforms & tools
  • Case study and statistics from a financial modelling scenario

Additionally features and pricing questions involving major vendors will be discussed and compared to non-cloud based options. Target functional areas include: capital markets, energy & utilities, insurance, life sciences, aerospace, climate & weather modelling.