Our client has provided widely accessible financial wellness solutions to individuals since 1930 and more recently to a variety of other companies nationwide.

Changing to enable growth
With aggressive growth plans and a goal of becoming a more member-centric and sales-focused organization, the client sought a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The existing application—a plug-in to the core banking system—limited the credit union’s ability to add new data to suit its evolving business and to streamline and improve sales processes.

To enhance member experience and enable a more effective sales force, the client chose to replace its CRM system with the Salesforce.com platform. And to develop the platform in a manner that enabled its sales and member-service goals, the institution turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered a unique combination of:

  • Deep industry experience 
  • CRM expertise and particularly with the Salesforce.com platform 
  • Business intelligence expertise 
From analysis to an optimal solution
West Monroe Partners conducted workshops to understand the credit union’s various sales processes and how its CRM system enables those processes. From these sessions, the West Monroe team identified opportunities to: 
  • Add customized features and functions that address business needs, with a particular focus on efficiency and user experience 
  • Improve incentive processes to promote a more motivated workforce and effective sales culture 
Custom features drive better results
West Monroe Partners then worked with the client to implement Salesforce.com, with several customized capabilities: 

  • Users can add multiple product opportunities in a single page, improving the speed-to-sale time
  • The system uses propensity data from the credit union’s data warehouse to enable targeted cross selling 
  • A custom page streamlines service management that allows users to create multiple case records, decreasing time to service 
  • New queue management capabilities route case escalation to the appropriate individual for faster service and provide better management visibility into open cases and issue resolution times 
  • Automated processes have shortened the time required to calculate and pay incentives /commissions from as much as four weeks to one day—and a new dashboard allows member-facing personnel to see incentive payout information in real time 

The client almost immediately realized rapid adoption and the resulting benefits of its Salesforce.com solution— from efficiency to more effective management and sales capabilities. The credit union’s development team, who worked closely with West Monroe Partners throughout the process, continues to facilitate additional enhancements as the institution looks to consolidate additional processes into the Salesforce.com platform.