When Trading Technologies International needed help with Microsoft SharePoint implementation, our experience accelerated the path to better productivity.
West Monroe implemented a SharePoint portal for TT in a matter of weeks, enabling greater productivity and expansion potential.

Trading Technologies International develops high-performance trading software for derivatives professionals, including some of the world’s premier exchanges, money-center banks, proprietary traders, hedge fund traders, securities brokers, futures commission merchants, and other trading institutions. It has locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Houston, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Geneva and Frankfurt.

Improving productivity and knowledge sharing.
Trading Technologies International (TT) has relied heavily on Microsoft SharePoint 2003 for document management and knowledge sharing. Over the past few years, its use of the application has proliferated to support a variety of enterprise needs. But, the company began to find its information segregated in various departments, preventing employees from having a comprehensive view of project and product documentation.

To improve productivity and knowledge sharing, TT initiated an upgrade to SharePoint 2007. Along the way, it recognized that it could benefit from outside guidance and expertise to complete its implementation successfully. 

Tapping SharePoint expertise.
For assistance, TT turned to West Monroe Partners. West Monroe Partners offered experience with Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services, along with expertise in knowledge sharing and document management.

West Monroe Partners quickly formed a team—including a SharePoint architect and developer—to facilitate implementation of TT’s defined requirements.

Over the next several weeks, West Monroe Partners led and completed implementation of TT’s SharePoint 2007 application. In addition, the project team worked with both IT and business sponsors to finalize a design that would meet the needs of both groups.

Benefits for employees and customers.
With the support of West Monroe With the new SharePoint 2007 application in place, TT is producing benefits for its business, its employees and, potentially, its customers. Employees now can access product and project information in a single location—improving productivity. This includes end-user documentation— meaning that the SharePoint application provides potential for sharing these documents with its customers in the future. Finally, with an upgraded SharePoint application in place, TT has the ability to expand its knowledge sharing and document management capabilities as its needs evolve and its business grows.

Technology employed:

  • Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • VSe 1.1
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft Framework 3.0