A move to Microsoft Dynamics GP helps GTCR improve reporting, internal controls, and expense management-and we helped make it happen.
West Monroe completed GTCR's complex implementation in six months, offering greater control over expenses and 50% faster accounting reconciliation.

GTCR manages more than $8 billion in equity and mezzanine capital invested in a wide range of companies—primarily in high-growth industries, including business services and outsourcing, consumer products and services, healthcare, technology, and transaction processing.

Better information, more efficiently.
GTCR used QuickBooks to compile and report information for its eight independent portfolio companies—a process that increasingly required manual effort and growing administrative support to produce the information required by management and stakeholders. The company’s management team recognized the need for:

  • Stronger internal controls
  • Timelier reporting
  • More comprehensive financial information
  • Strategic IT though leadership

GTCR decided to move from QuickBooks to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. For assistance, the company turned to West Monroe Partners, which understood the company’s business and operations from previous projects. In addition, it offered extensive experience aligning ERP solutions with strategy and key business processes.

A solution to address specific needs.
West Monroe Partners conducted a thorough assessment of GTCR’s financial operations and needs and then recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP—an ERP solution that fit well with the company’s business requirements and would integrate effectively with its existing Microsoft operating environment.

West Monroe Partners, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, managed the implementation plan, incorporating not only Microsoft Dynamics GP configuration and installation, but also several related efforts that the project team identified during the course of its discovery work. These included:

  • Improving expense reporting by integrating Concur’s corporate travel and expense management solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP and GTCR’s AMEX card program
  • Developing a custom internal billing system to invoice GTCR’s portfolio companies for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Utilizing a Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on feature that enables automated bank reconciliation for corporate credit cards and airline travel program accounts

West Monroe also refined and documented key internal processes and developed Microsoft Dynamics GP-generated reports that address internal information needs—but without the manual effort previously required.

Stronger internal controls, and more.
With the support of West Monroe Partners, GTCR completed the complex implementation process in less than six months and is realizing important business benefits:

  • Stronger internal controls over financial information
  • Greater control over expenses and the ability to negotiate more effectively with vendors
  • Increased precision in expense billing
  • Faster and more efficient reporting
  • Fifty-percent faster accounting reconciliation