A full-featured iPhone application enables an online community to strengthen connections with its current and prospective members.
Define My Style now has an established presence within the iOS App Store, enhancing is brand, reaching millions of potential new customers and offering rich new capabilities to current members.

Define My Style is an online community that empowers creative and curious teen girls. Define My Style provides web-based tools and connections to design, share, and produce custom handbags.

Making website features available to mobile users.
Define My Style’s online design tool, DMS Creator™, sparks creativity and allows members to transform ideas into custom handbag designs. The DMS Marketplace™ empowers enterprising teens to open a virtual store to promote, sell, and manufacture their personal brand of handbags.

Define My Style recognized mobile applications as a way to enhance the members’ experience with its web site, while also increasing user-driven activity by allowing users to access Define My Style with their mobile devices. Define My Style wanted to develop an iPhone application that would allow members to access frequently-used content and functionality from the web site, including news and activity feeds, user profiles, achievements, and design portfolios.

Define My Style turned to West Monroe Partners for assistance, particularly based on West Monroe’s expertise in mobile application development and architecture. Define My Style’s mobile application required data from the company’s back-end servers, and West Monroe’s experience with web service design and implementation was critical to the project. West Monroe’s ability to react quickly and deliver the application before the holiday “app store rush” was especially important to the success of the project.

Assistance from design to submission.
West Monroe Partners’ user-experience experts first completed user-interface layout and design activities. The resulting user interface of Define My Style’s mobile application—DMS 2 Go—combined the company’s branding with the iPhone’s user interaction paradigm, while following Apple guidelines to ensure a successful App Store submission. West Monroe also assisted Define My Style in creating the back-end REST

web services, allowing for efficient and secure communications for the mobile application. West Monroe then built the mobile application using the MonoTouch framework, which allows developers to use the C# programming language and .NET APIs to build iOS applications quickly and easily.

Exposing its brand to millions of potential new users.
By working with West Monroe Partners to develop an iPhone application, Define My Style has established a presence within the iOS App Store, exposing its web site and brand to millions of potential new users—while at the same time cultivating rich interaction with its existing member community.