A managed services relationship ensures a more reliable IT environment, while providing the foundation for better client service and expanded offerings.
A managed services relationship ensures a more reliable IT environment, while providing the foundation for better client service and expanded offerings.

This investment banking and advisory firm provides its healthcare clients and investors with the resources necessary to ensure success in every dimension of the value cycle. The organization’s partners and professionals possess more than 200 years of experience in the global healthcare industry—as strategists, investment bankers, and operating executives.

A partner that can add value.
As the client grew, so did its need for customized services that will enable the organization to broaden its own offerings to the healthcare market. For example, the organization’s sustained growth required that it find a technology partner that would add value through its services and recommendations. In particular, the firm sought a partner that could:

  • Provide personalized support for desktops, servers, and networks—at a moment’s notice
  • Respond to problems and solve them quickly—ensuring that technology issues would not be repeated
  • Offer a breadth of skills—including the ability to implement and support SharePoint, CRM tools, VoIP technology, and others
  • Work with the firm to explore new offerings and technologies that could advance its business

A partner that can add value.
The client selected West Monroe Partners because of its reputation, deep technological knowledge, breadth of services, and experience in the healthcare industry. In addition, West Monroe Partners demonstrated a proactive approach to maintaining the firm’s infrastructure that reassured executives that they would be able to keep key operations running smoothly.

Improved reliability and availability.
West Monroe Partners assessed the firm’s technical environment, including its computers, servers, network equipment, and line-of-business applications. Then, it made improvements to the firm’s infrastructure and transitioned several critical business services—including Exchange e-mail infrastructure—to external hosting providers. In addition West Monroe Partners established a hosted VoIP solution, replacing the existing analog PBX system. Moving these services to external hosting providers improved availability and reliability and saved the company money. The client also wanted to improve the availability of its internal document sharing platform. West Monroe Partners transitioned internal document storage to the firm’s SharePoint environment, and then it created custom document libraries and added metadata to improve access and search functionality.

Finally, to support the client as it expands its service offerings and develops customized reporting services, West Monroe prepared recommendations aligned with the firm’s goals.

Vital information at users’ fingertips With the support of West Monroe Partners, the client has been able to improve and better utilize its technology infrastructure—in the process enhancing client service. The organization’s partners and professionals now have every fact and figure they need to serve clients at their fingertips, when and where they need it.