ERP Readiness Assessment Paves the Way for Integrating Four Affiliates on a Common Platform
The resulting roadmap outlines three-month plan to prepare for implementation.

The Challenge

Standardize processes across affiliates 

In 2015, Versiti began an initiative to consolidate four affiliates on the same enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to standardize processes and increase visibility of financial and operational data. The organization conducted a software selection process to find a suitable solution but did not reach a unanimous decision.

The Solution

Comprehensive ERP readiness assessment 

Versiti asked West Monroe Partners to assess the organization’s readiness for moving to a consolidated ERP solution. West Monroe offered deep ERP selection and implementation experience, with a strong focus on organizational change management. The West Monroe team quickly identified key risks associated with data migration, resource availability, and other issues.

West Monroe Partners assessed Versiti’s ERP strategy and implementation readiness through six distinct lenses to answer these questions:

  • Is Versiti ready for a consolidated ERP solution?
  • How much will it cost and how long will it take?
  • What intermediate projects are required prior to starting an ERP implementation effort?

The Impact

Mitigating risks, preparing for implementation 

West Monroe’s assessment enabled Versiti to quickly reset its sights on the goal of establishing a consolidated ERP system that standardizes processes across its affiliates and improves data visibility. Based on the assessment, West Monroe: 

  • Created a plan for mitigating identified risks and achieving ERP readiness in three months
  • Identified 57 opportunities to improve current business processes and systems
  • Produced a roadmap and estimated timeline for 26 projects required to prepare for, execute, and sustain a successful ERP solution
  • Developed a detailed five-year total cost of ownership analysis to support the budgeting process

Versiti, Inc, is a not-for-profit strategic affiliation of healthcare organizations whose vision is to improve the health of patients as the national leader in innovative transfusion medicine solutions for healthcare systems.

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