A customized Salesforce CRM solution lets StepLeader manage the unique complexities of mobile media sales with ease.
StepLeader is a North Carolina-based mobile media company that delivers high-quality information and revenue streams to a host of local media partners.
StepLeader’s rapid growth in the mobile media market wreaked havoc on its internal customer management processes. Due to the nature of their business model, StepLeader has multiple customer facing departments, but as Chris Hanburger, VP of Business Development at StepLeader, explains, “there was no ‘connective tissue’ between the sales group, the media services group, and the tech support team.  A sales person could get on the phone with a customer, and have no knowledge that the same customer had just gotten off of a call with our Customer Service department.”

StepLeader also wanted to improve the the way it tracked revenue. In media sales, deals close over a long time period, and revenue comes from several different business areas (for example, technical sales are tied to licensing mobile applications, while media sales come solely from advertising). A successful solution to their customer management problems would ideally work in tandem with a reporting interface that supports this segmented revenue model with the appropriate reporting and data mining tools.

A Salesforce.com solution, customized for mobile media sales
Hanburger knew that StepLeader could benefit from a Salesforce.com solution. “We were using a free CRM solution that just wasn’t working. I’d worked with Salesforce before, and I knew how beneficial it was. But I also knew that I didn’t just want to do a generic, out of the box Salesforce implementation, because I knew we’d need a more customized solution to meet the specific needs of media sales. That kind of implementation involves bringing in professionals who can provide guidance on Salesforce best practices.”

Results based on customization and communication
We met with StepLeader to discuss their specific needs and goals so we could offer a complete set of Salesforce.com options, outlining the pros and cons of each selection. Then, we worked hand in hand with StepLeader’s staff to implement and launch a customized Salesforce.com solution. Results include: 
  • Streamlined CRM setup 
  • Improved connectivity between StepLeader’s different customer facing departments
  • Enhanced reporting with full access to the customer’s complete history, including all products purchased, service orders and support questions
  • Improved revenue tracking, as sales can be easily monitored over an extended time period and analyzed by revenue segment
We’ve seen direct sales numbers go from below 10% to over 30%, and a large portion of that comes from having the proper CRM in place. 

Chris Hanburger, Vice President of Business Development 
That’s business in the right direction.