West Monroe partnered with Solomon Corporation to replace multiple systems with Salesforce CPQ, leading to a seamless quoting process, improved user experience, and company-wide increases in sales revenue.

The Challenge 

Legacy systems and lack of automation creates a difficult quoting process and poor customer experience

Solomon Corporation (Solomon), the largest rebuilder of oil-filled transformers in the nation, was struggling to provide a consistent, satisfying customer experience due to outdated legacy systems and a cumbersome quoting process. They were operating without comprehensive product and pricing rules, which resulted in bundling mistakes, slow turnaround time, and excessive discounting by employees. Solomon needed an automated configure-price-quote tool to overcome these obstacles.

The Solution 

Implementing a comprehensive configure-price-quote tool streamlines manual processes and minimizes revenue leakage

To address the data issues Solomon was facing, West Monroe started by migrating 8,000 accounts and 18,000 contacts from their legacy CRM system to the Salesforce platform. This created a more streamlined experience for sales representatives, who previously needed to log into multiple systems to access the data they needed.

From there, West Monroe implemented Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), a package that provides custom pricing and bundling functionality. Solomon was able to leverage its built-in business logic and approval processes to generate accurate pricing for over 700 products.

With the newly configured system and appropriate pricing rules, sales representatives can generate PDF invoices featuring Solomon’s branding and customizable descriptions specific to the customers’ needs.

Subsequent phases have moved engineering products, procurement pricing, and surplus parts onto Salesforce CPQ. Additionally, an integration with Solomon’s enterprise resource planning system (ERP) has been built out, allowing  real-time updates on inventory quantities for  a subset of their products and preventing end users from quoting parts that are out of stock. Enhancements to pricing logic and an extension of the ERP integration to pull in product costing is currently underway.

The Impact 

Technology enhances customer experience and accelerates bottom-line growth

Solomon’s Sales, Procurement, and Engineering teams are actively using Salesforce. They have a standardized pricing model for products across all business units and markets, ensuring that quotes are uniform and communicate a consistent message to customers. Their improved quoting process gives them accurate pricing, extensive  product configurability, and professional  quote documents.

With Salesforce reporting and activity tracking, the management team has greater insight into sales and price trends, enabling them to create a more informed go-to-market strategy. Likewise, the employee experience of the sales team has been greatly improved due to the introduction of Salesforce mobile capabilities, providing added functionality on-the-go.

Overall, these enhancements enabled Solomon to both enable their employees through streamlined technology and improve customer experience through quick and accurate quoting, resulting in scalability and increased revenue.

“We’ve been able to keep most of the same team intact for these projects and the whole process feels very organic. We’ve come to know the level of quality West Monroe expects from itself... and our success reflects that.” 

- Ryan Kooser, Business Process Manager, Client Project Lead

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