A connected and standardized Salesforce Sales Cloud solution helps RTI International Metals unlock new revenue streams

A connected Salesforce Sales Cloud was deployed in 12 weeks to six global locations and more than 15 business units. 

RTI was moving from a business model with many business units operating autonomously to a centrally managed and organized sales and marketing- driven business. Its Salesforce implementation represented the first step to unify all business units on a single platform that supported a common set of practices for account management and opportunity management and provided a 360-degree of customers globally. The solution needed to address these issues:

  • Decentralized customer data residing in separate databases across global regions and divisions
  • Offline quote logs—opportunities managed in individual Excel and Access files
  • Visibility challenges—extensive manual effort to see customer activity across business units
  • Manual account planning—no easy way to perform accurate and effective account planning
  • Corporate-level reporting— Significant effort required to understand sales pipelines and develop forecasts
  • Bid approval tool mobility— Gaining executive approval for bids was time consuming and offered no mobile capability
  • No global toolset—RTI lacked a singular toolset across autonomous and geographically dispersed business units

The solution

We partnered with RTI to optimize and standardize its account and opportunity business processes on the Salesforce Sales Cloud across all of its business units. In addition, we integrated the Salesforce solution with the SAP back-office system to provide customer-facing employees with a 360-degree view of customer
activity via Salesforce. Key elements of the solution included:

Single CRM platform. We developed a Customer Master design to store and utilize all enterprise-level reporting in Salesforce.com.

Sales Cloud. We deployed a Salesforce solution across accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activity management processes. The Sales Cloud solution seamlessly integrates all opportunities and approval processes to ensure a standard opportunities log and bid approval process across all business units.


SAP ERP integration. We worked with RTI to integrate Sales Cloud with RTI’s SAP ERP system. All accounts, contracts, and sales order objects
were mapped to provide a 360-degree customer view. This view included:

  • Booked versus open orders
  • Late delivery items
  • Sales order to opportunity  variance
  • Year-to-date sales by account

AppExchange application. We installed Drawloop from the Salesforce AppExchange to generate account plans and business approval presentations on demand.

The results

Working closely with RTI, we deployed the solution in only 12 weeks and rolled it out across six global locations and more than 15 business units.
Results include:

Increased revenue streams. Business units are able to share the same account record, improving visibility  for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that drive new revenue for RTI.

Faster account planning. Account plan generation time has decreased from weeks to days, as Salesforce generates plans and automates output.

Greater enterprise-wide collaboration and visibility. Unified business reports and dashboards enhance corporate- level visibility of business/customer communications and opportunities across all business units.

Standardized processes. The solution drives consistency in opportunity management, in turn reducing the time to turn around approvals.

Faster onboarding for new employees. With the solution in place, RTI can introduce new practices quickly across the organization, saving time and costs.

360-degree customer view. Sales representatives now have visibility to key customer orders and sales data in the back-office SAP ERP.

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