West Monroe partnered with this retailer to focus their key managers on work that would deliver a superb, seamless customer experience across every branch and drive growth.

The Challenge

The complex, digitally-enabled workplace

In today’s work environment, the digital revolution has created a whole new set of challenges for managers: They are bombarded by email, they are expected to manage and report metrics in real-time, and they must adapt and succeed in operations made ever more complex by innovations (like mobile ordering) that weren’t around just a few years ago.

As part of continuing efforts to modernize their operations using actionable data, our Client sought to more deeply understand how their District Managers were spending their time. The goal was to ensure that these key leaders were focused on value-add activities including helping to drive store sales.

The Solution

Data shapes a new understanding

West Monroe created a comprehensive approach to capture the current state of the District Manager workload using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The team facilitated workshops with District Managers, conducted interviews with their supervisors, and studied job descriptions, training materials, and work design to gain understanding and alignment on the expectations of District Managers’ time.

The team then developed and executed a work sampling study that captured quantitative data by shadowing District Managers throughout their day and week.

The team merged the quantitative and qualitative data to provide a richer, more insightful picture of the current state.

The Impact

Closing the gap between work effort and value creation

Armed with new insights from the data, West Monroe created a customer journey map depicting a week in the life of a District Manager highlighting the time allocation across a typical day and week along with the emotional journey, calling out key challenges.

Based on a breakdown of how and where the District Managers’ time was allocated, the team provided a gap analysis contrasting the reality versus the desired execution of the work design.

The team highlighted critical variables that were pulling District Managers away from the design, along with key opportunities to address those variables and improve their overall effectiveness.

West Monroe found that District Managers were spending 20% of their time on non-value-added activities like unnecessary communications, paperwork, administrative busy work, and technical troubleshooting. The team was able to help them redirect that time toward coaching and developing employees, improving the consistency of the customer experience, and working directly with customers to help drive purchases.

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