Digital competency: Key to protecting and expanding business.
Creating digital strategies and platforms, like conversational interfaces, to enable nimble responses to evolving customer needs.

The Challenge

Mastering the new fundamentals of a digital world

Like all healthcare payers, Premera competes in a digital world where delivering on evolving customer expectations requires an agile organization, proficient operations, and the ability to flex and scale capabilities. 

Premera asked West Monroe to help them master these new fundamentals with a digital strategy that refocuses the organization on creating differentiated, market-leading, technology-enabled member experiences—a critical step toward protecting and expanding its business. Through the digital strategy, Premera wanted to achieve new levels of agility, operational efficiency, and go-to-market velocity, as well as to explore the potential of conversational interface capabilities, such as chatbot functionality, for enhancing member self-service.

The Solution

Equipping culture and systems to execute with digital agility

To help Premera achieve a shared vision of digital success, West Monroe worked across multiple business units and functional groups to build the digital foundation needed to respond to customer needs with greater efficiency and innovation. The team worked cross-functionally using change management to align a complex array of Premera teams and processes and point them toward achieving common customer-centric goals. 

West Monroe built a vision and strategy that helped Premera’s digital team align internally and begin to create differentiated customer experiences. West Monroe created a series of internal processes designed to spur strategic thinking, better align decision making with ROI, and infuse a digital sensibility into the DNA of the organization. 

Emblematic of the effort was the development of a chatbot strategy designed to improve efficiency and engagement around customer inquiries. The first step was to understand both capabilities and context. The team evaluated three critical dimensions:

  • Internal capabilities (data readiness, technology capacity, etc.)
  • Market features (functionality inside and outside of the healthcare payer environment)
  • Vendor capabilities (build vs. buy scenarios)

Armed with intelligence on the above factors, West Monroe hosted workshops to build chatbot use cases and created the strategy (including organizational context), business plan, and roadmap to implement the vision.

The Impact

Ready for a digital future

West Monroe helped Premera build the foundation for a digital future through advancements in strategy, process, and technology. The team 
used broad and inclusive change management processes to help the digital, product, and technology teams set a vision and deliver on it with greater efficiency and agility.

“One of the keys to creating a shared purpose across functions was West Monroe’s detailed internal and external research that helped us understand best practices and potential impacts. This insight enabled us to...become a responsive, digitally enabled operation.”

-Curtis Kopf, Senior Vice President, Customer and Digital Experience, Premera Blue Cross

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