Program management and deep transformation experience keep a health insurer on course to complete a complex platform migration.
West Monroe assisted a health insurer with system transformation initiatives to help the client progress according to plan for optimizing effort and maximizing business value.

The client is a large customer-owned health insurer in the United States. It administers plans in four states, offering a variety of health and life insurance products and related services to employers and individuals.

A need to coordinate multiple system initiatives.
The client initiated several multi-year system transformation initiatives to address critical business issues.

  • First, disparate, legacy systems made it difficult for the organization to produce accurate and easily accessible data—sacrificing employee productivity, efficiency, data integrity, and the ability to maintain cost-effective operations.
  • At the same time, the organization’s existing infrastructure did not permit simply configurable business rules, and it prohibited the flexibility and speed necessary to adapt quickly to market and plan demands such as product and rate changes.
  • Finally, dissimilar business systems for two main functional components (“under 65” and “over 65”) and a lack of a business continuation plan further compounded the company’s inadequacies.

Initially, the company launched separate project teams to lead the individual initiatives, but this approach lacked a common governing platform and limited program visibility.

An experienced partner.
For assistance, the company turned to West Monroe Partners.  West Monroe offered not only proven program management expertise and methodology, but also deep experience leading complex, multi-year technology transformation initiatives in the insurance industry.

Standardized approaches.
The insurer asked West Monroe Partners to lead the initiatives already in progress, as well as to guide several projects yet to be launched. West Monroe Partners applied its proven and well-tested program management methodology to assemble the various project teams and to establish a common project lifecycle approach. This approach included standardizing key processes such as:

  • Status reporting
  • Risk mitigation
  • Issue resolution
  • Change control
  • Communication
  • Transition planning and execution

After guiding the company successfully through the three initial deployments, West Monroe Partners began driving the collective program team—including a handful of different consulting firms and the client’s own business and technical resources—toward a holistic approach that:

  • Prioritizes business needs
  • Identifies interdependencies among parallel efforts in order to align synergies and facilitate execution against the master plan

Moving ahead to maximize value.
With West Monroe’s support, the client’s system transformation initiatives are progressing, on schedule, according to a release-based plan that optimizes and maximizes business value.