When integration of an acquired company stalled due to system issues, a new approach to planning got the process back on track.
With system issues threatening to derail an acquisition, West Monroe stepped in to document more than 200 business and systems requirements, develop a comprehensive visual model of cross-functional processes and supporting systems and implement a revised integration plan that lowered risk and reduced integration time.

The client is a leading online auction marketplace for wholesale, surplus, and salvage assets.

Impacting the ability to grow.
Over the past decade, the client has grown organically and through acquisition while continuing to utilize custom-developed or packaged enterprise applications for managing inventory, order fulfillment, and financials. These disparate systems, some of which were not designed for the client’s current transactions, began to impact its ability to scale and grow the business. Recently, the client had to delay integration of an acquired organization due to material gaps between the acquired company’s business requirements and capabilities of the client’s financial and administration systems. The client was considering purchasing another organization that it planned to combine with the other recently acquired company, but before doing so it needed to address the system integration issues.

To get its acquisition integration process back on track, the client wanted to revise its system integration approach and plan.

Key post-acquisition experience.
For assistance, the client turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered substantial enterprise systems and post-acquisition integration experience. West Monroe also demonstrated strong understanding of the client’s business and a track record for successful execution through previous projects for the company.

Initially, West Monroe Partners conducted a series of activities designed to understand and document the client’s current processes and supporting technology. This included reviewing existing documentation, interviewing
process owners, and preparing for analysis of the acquired company’s requirements.

A closer look at requirements.
West Monroe Partners then completed several phases of work to finalize the integration plan:

  • Requirements definition—touring the acquired organization’s site, interviewing its process owners, and updating the business requirements necessary for managing the company’s operations
  • Gap analysis—identifying and validating gaps between the acquired company’s requirements and the client’s system capabilities, prioritizing gaps, and outlining preferred solutions for addressing key gaps
  • Integration planning—reviewing several alternative integration plans with project sponsors and business owners, documenting a revised system integration plan, and developing messages to help the client’s management explain and build support for the plan

Better insight, faster progress.
By working through this process with West Monroe Partners, the client gained key advantages—from a better view of processes to greater executive confidence in the success of the integration to a revised integration plan that lowered risk and reduced the time required for integration.