Tailored Salesforce management for a complex, multi-instance environment

Continuous system enhancements enable timely connections with investor.

The Challenge

The client required assistance with developing and managing complex data operations for US and European instances of Salesforce—both subject to complicated data laws.

The Solution

The investment bank selected West Monroe Partners’ Managed Services team based on its:

  • Deep expertise as a Salesforce Certified Platinum Partner—including experience managing data and security involving multiple CRM environments with unique data laws
  • Ability to provide a dedicated support team with experienced Salesforce administrator and developer capabilities
  • Flexible support model and ability to provide resources on demand to address critical issues
  • Advanced technical knowledge of the systems’ capabilities to drive continuous enhancements

West Monroe Partners manages support and enhancements for the client’s deal-tracking workflow and communication application. This includes support for operational tasks, including reporting, data cleansing, and data model configuration. Weekly ticket-review meetings ensure prompt response to incidents and enhancement requests based on the client’s priorities. Key initiatives have included:

  • Developing a custom APEX application to supplement mass-mailing functionality
  • Troubleshooting new and existing APEX exceptions in a complex environment
  • Scaling the client’s primary mass-mailing application, Deal Tracker
  • Implementing a tool to manage the complex release-management process across six Salesforce organizations
  • Managing a client instance of Informatica for master data management

The Impact

By partnering with West Monroe, the investment bank has enhanced its complex Salesforce data operations—in particular, the communication and mass-mailing functionality that serves as a key interface between the investment bank and its current and potential investors.

The Bottom Line

  • Data sync between 2 global orgs with privacy filtering
  • Managing email system to output ~3000 critical emails per week to clients

The client provides advice and solutions around life insurance, annuities, retirement plan services and group protection—focusing on supporting, preserving and enhancing people’s lifestyles and retirement outcomes.

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