Mergers & Acquisitions/Customer Experience: A Case study
MaritzCX is the customer experience and research services company of Maritz Holdings Inc.
Adapting to a changing market
Over more than 40 years, Maritz Research built a strong reputation serving many leading organizations around the world. Increasingly, though, the company’s clients expected faster—even instantaneous—results from research projects, straining the capabilities of the technology platform used to manage projects.

To adapt to the changing market and re-energize its growth strategy, Maritz considered options for replacing its technology platform, including acquiring a technology vendor already operating in its market. Maritz believed this would be the fastest path to upgrading its technology capabilities. But given the acquisition activity already taking place in that market, Maritz knew it would need to move quickly to identify and pursue the best target.

Strong credentials

For assistance with evaluating acquisition opportunities, Maritz turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered:
  • Extensive experience in merger and acquisition strategy, due diligence, and integration
  • Expertise in managing complex organizational change
  • Highly regarded credentials for assessing target companies’ technology systems and capabilities
  • Comprehensive expertise in customer experience and understanding of the marketplace for services involving this discipline

Support from strategy through successful integration
West Monroe Partners analyzed Maritz’s business as well as its marketplace and competitors. From this analysis, West Monroe and Maritz identified Allegiance Software, an award-winning customer experience software and technology company, as a target that would be a strong fit with Maritz’s goals.

West Monroe Partners performed due diligence of Allegiance’s technology capabilities as well as its operations in conjunction with the acquisition. This work not only helped Maritz validate its choice; it also helped the combined Maritz-Allegiance-West Monroe team plan for an efficient integration process.

West Monroe Partners then led the carve out of Maritz Research and integration of the two organizations’ sales processes, operations, infrastructure, and products—ultimately forming a new global company called MaritzCXTM. West Monroe’s combination of merger integration, program management, operations, and change management experience helped Maritz and Allegiance expedite the acquisition and integration processes and establish operations as a new organization in just four months.

Operating from a position of strength
With West Monroe Partners’ support, MaritzCX emerged as a leader in its marketplace with distinctive customer experience solutions that pair Maritz’s noted industry expertise with Allegiance’s software and technology expertise.