A customized CRM solution improves customer experience and operational workflow.
Logos Bible Software is the premier international developer and distributor of multilingual Bible software headquartered in Bellingham, Washington.
Logos Bible Software (Logos) found their operations hindered by their inadequate customer relationship management platform. So, they partnered with members of the West Monroe team to find and implement the right solution.

Addressing key business needs
Logos found themselves with several business deficiencies due to their existing CRM setup. The system was unable to integrate multiple databases and had limited functionality.  For example:
  • The Logos sales team was unable to track opportunities through the sales cycle, which kept them from pursuing lucrative, long term leads and relegated them to processing inbound orders for one-time purchases. 
  • Marketing was forced to manually track campaigns and had no insight into marketing campaign ROI. 
  • Logos customer service representatives had to call customers back with requested information because it took too long to find the information on multiple systems.
A customized Dynamics CRM solution solves the issue
We implemented a Dynamics CRM solution customized to meet the specific needs of every affected Logos department. The new CRM system gives Logos employees a complete view of customer data within one user interface, eliminating the need to search multiple databases. Logos can use real-time shipping information, electronic product keys, and event and marketing records to manage customers, partners and vendors with associated orders and activity histories. 

Logos can now launch ambitious sales initiatives in record time, answer customer calls in a short phone conversation, up-sell customers on software upgrades or other products, and better monitor and manage marketing ROI through system wide queries that can group customers based on factors like order history and sales volume. Key benefits include:
  • Streamlined sales and customer service
  • Training costs reduced 75 percent for end users and administrators
  • Business software license costs reduced 40 percent
  • Maintenance costs associated with Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP applications lowered 45 percent
  • Better marketing planning and tracking
"This customized system empowers us to take charge of the growth of our business."

- Andrew Skipton, Chief Financial Officer

That’s business in the right direction.