A nationally licensed insurance producer selected West Monroe to build a comprehensive digital strategy for its marketing and sales processes.
West Monroe then developed a strategy and long-term roadmap to create a digital-first customer experience that would attract young buyers and increase overall revenue.

The Challenge 

An imperative to engage digital natives.

The next generation of our client’s customers is comprised of young physicians who learn and buy primarily through digital channels. In order to maintain its growth, leadership asked West Monroe to help develop a strategy that would align and modernize their operations to deliver on the expectations of these new buyers. The strategy would contain guidance on content strategy, digital sales processes, measurements, marketing agency management, and organizational structure.

The Solution

Tuning the operations and culture to pursue digital growth.

West Monroe started by helping our Client establish a baseline understanding of digital prospects including their sensibilities, behaviors, and purchase habits.

West Monroe then developed a strategy and longterm roadmap to create a digital-first customer experience that would attract young buyers and increase overall revenue. The client was looking to build out a broader set of online products to offer its customers. As part of the initial strategy, the team outlined a clear path for transforming the Client’s infrastructure and identified the supporting technologies needed to achieve the business objectives. The work included a vendor assessment that identified both cost reduction and performance improvement opportunities. These opportunities combined with a phased growth plan allowed the team to build out a three-year economic model showing the potential return on investment. 

To ensure that our Client’s team was fully committed to delivering on the plan, West Monroe provided recommendations for organizational alignment including competency models built on the new requirements of the digital strategy. Then the project team created and hosted a fourpart “lunch and learn” series to increase interest, knowledge, and awareness around how the tactics of the digital strategy would support organizational growth.

The Impact

Better customer experience yields better economics.

West Monroe helped our Client transform a fragmented customer experience with countless friction points into an environment designed to attract new buyers, increase application completes, and grow revenues. The effort is expected to deliver cost total reductions of $250,000 per year, a YOY double-digit decrease in the cost of new customer acquisition, and a YOY double-digit increase in contribution margin over the current organic growth rate. Importantly, these gains provide our Client with considerable flexibility in adding new products to better serve their market in order to support the organization’s growth strategy.

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