A new reporting and analytics platform eliminates data silos and provides a foundation for continued growth.
West Monroe helped a healthcare provider streamline enterprise data and develop sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities.

The client is the oldest and one of the largest healthcare providers in its state. It provides group and individual health insurance plans, life and disability insurance, and group voluntary products to more than 1.3 million people.

A road map for better intelligence.
As the client expanded its services and increased its customer base, the company’s systems and technology initiatives also grew—ultimately creating silos of data across the enterprise. Currently, functional teams spend significant time gathering and manipulating data to meet the enterprise’s analytical and reporting requirements.

The client wanted to build an analytics and reporting platform that will support enterprise growth, both now and in the future.

For assistance with technology selection and implementation, the company turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered deep healthcare payer industry expertise as well as strong business intelligence credentials and a proven approach for developing sound analytics and reporting strategies.

West Monroe Partners worked with the company to implement a road map comprised of a portfolio of projects that spans the entire process of data management, including:

  • Organizational recommendations
  • Data governance
  • Metadata
  • Technology selection
  • A three to five-year implementation plan

Moving from strategy toward successful solution.
West Monroe Partners also helped the client begin to advance its new reporting and analytics strategy by:

  • Aligning the IT reporting organization with functional areas
  • Selecting the platform technologies and planning and executing the vendor RFP process
  • Designing and implementing a data governance program
  • Designing and implementing a metadata management program

When fully implemented, the platform—which  includes a data warehouse and analysis and reporting solution—will provide:

  • A single source of truth for enterprise data that encompasses all functions
  • Enough historical data to meet regulatory and analytical needs
  • Self-service reporting capabilities, as well as standardized reporting and advanced analytics

Although implementation is still in the early stages, the client already has realized some benefits. It has streamlined the organization and engaged functional teams by involving them in selection of the reporting and analytical tools and in planning for implementation—a  level of participation that will help simplify and speed adoption. With effective collaboration and communication as a foundation, the company is on track to deliver its analytics and reporting platform and a host of new functionality within the year.