Viewing the customer as more than just a “ratepayer”.

The Challenge 

Faster, simpler, and more personalized customer communications 

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) noticed customer satisfaction scores trending lower. GWP engaged West Monroe to obtain an objective, “outside-in” perspective to identify efficiencies in their customer service department, and ultimately, the root cause for their lower customer satisfaction scores.

GWP hoped to obtain a holistic perspective from this assessment and identify how existing and new technologies could be leveraged to improve operations in a manner that positively impacts customer service while lowering future rate increases.

GWP’s goal was to develop a results-based organization with clear accountability to improve and sustain their reputable level of customer service.

The Solution 

Completing an all-encompassing assessment of customer services operations

West Monroe’s approach was simple, yet effective: assess all groups within GWP’s customer services operations (from contact and payment center operations to administrative services) through the lenses of strategy, people, process, and technology.

The goal was to identify and remediate pain points, increase accountability, and enhance existing business processes.

West Monroe leveraged proprietary tools to complete this assessment with a tailored maturity model, detailed customer service benchmarks, and business process reviews to prepare an implementation roadmap.

The Impact 

An effective customer service strategy 

GWP is now well-equipped with an overarching customer service strategy to address employee development, customer satisfaction, and technology inefficiencies. Moving forward, GWP will be able to more effectively allocate resources and make proactive management decisions to sustain a higher level of efficiency and mitigate customer service related issues.

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