A global Salesforce Sales Cloud solution and SAP integration boosts Flexera Software's customer satisfaction and experience

A global Salesforce Sales Cloud solution provides Flexera Software with increased visibility, increased flexibility and improved customer satisfaction.

Like many rapidly growing software companies, Flexera Software had expanded its customer service and support capabilities over time with different tools for different departments and divisions. It also had grown by acquisition, and because many of these acquisitions used different customer support tools, the company had unconnected silos of customer service information.

With customer service and support becoming an increasingly important differentiator in the infrastructure software market, Flexera Software’s customer service team knew it needed to have a more complete view of customer interactions. The company also needed to modernize its customer support technologies to provide the latest service enablers, both to make internal support engineers more productive and to ensure that clients who wanted to take advantage of self-service had a positive experience.

The solution
We helped Flexera Software deploy Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline and consolidate its customer service and support processes and to provide greater visibility across customer relationships.

The results
Moving to one centralized cloud for customer support and service has enabled Flexera Software to better meet its strategic goal of improving customer service and customer experience by having:

Increased visibility—One single view of customer interactions for greater real-time reporting and analytics and better business decision making

Increased flexibility—A modern, flexible cloud application that can be modified over time as new capabilities become available and Flexera Software identifies different methods to better service its customers

Improved customer satisfaction—Self-service options for clients that want to resolve their issues online

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