Modeling a program to increase member usage of a key fitness program.
The client is dedicated to delivering a consumer experience that goes beyond supporting physical health to advancing overall vitality—especially in aging populations.

The Challenge 

Increasing utilization of important health enabling programs and services

New products and services are hallmarks of the digital age. But if these modern offerings go unnoticed or are underutilized by consumers, the full value of the innovation is never realized. 

The client provides a senior fitness program with robust benefits for people across the country and wanted its membership base to increase utilization of its products and services. To do this, our client sought to improve the relevance and value of its offerings via a better understanding of it members’ behaviors, as well as the creation of tailored and unique experiences.

The Solution 

Data analysis unlocks the path forward

The power of data to create opportunity and stimulate growth is vast. The key to the West Monroe solution was to unpack the wealth of information our Client had about its members and set a path toward increasing usage of the fitness program.

West Monroe performed a cluster analysis of existing members’ transactional data and used it to create consumer segments based on descriptive statistics including demographics and program utilization behavior.

Using these segments to identify respondents, the team conducted qualitative member research to add depth and dimension to the data. The interviews revealed themes to explore further in the subsequent quantitative research phase. Interestingly, after segmentation, they found the data did not reveal the full truth of the customer experience. Some findings were validated by ethnographic research, while some contrary evidences were found. One example was that data showed the older population did not come to the fitness center for social reasons. After further research, it was uncovered that they do come for social reasons, but aren’t aware that the social connection is one of the things they value and get by going to the center. West Monroe designed the survey, which garnered over 15,000 responses, to gain a more comprehensive data set that can be projected. The team then facilitated a workshop to create personas based on data from the cluster analysis, interviews, and survey results. In the sessions, “Moments of Truth” across the member journey were identified as potential points for intervention and engagement.

Finally, the project team underwent a last set of workshops to design three prototype member experiences that were geared toward encouraging increased utilization of specific program services. The final deliverable included detailed intervention pilots, storyboards, mockups, initial implementation plans and timelines, and ROI analyses for each prototyped member experience.

The Impact 

Prototype selected for pilot launch

Of the three prototyped experiences, one experience was approved by the board and leadership team for a pilot launch in a select test market during the summer of 2017. The intention of the test launch was to measure the pilot’s effect on lift in member program utilization, as well as discover how to scale the program for national implementation. The results of the pilot launch have yet to be made public. 

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