Implementing SolarWinds centralizes and enhances Midwest utility's capabilities for managing its newly built MPLS network environment

The Dental Care Plus Group provides dental insurance and third-party administration services to employers based in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Today, the company is the region’s leading dental insurance carrier.

Validating current IT plans and investments
The convergence of industry reform, economic shifts, and aging demographics are transforming the dental insurance marketplace—increasing demand for individual products and small group adoption of exchange-based services.

The Dental Care Plus Group refined its business strategy to address these trends, establishing a plan for both growing its traditional business and entering the direct-to-consumer (DTC) market. Technology is critical to the company’s growth plans, and following the departure of its IT leader, management sought an independent review of applications and infrastructure to validate the organization’s technology plan and investments to ensure that they were adequately supporting the business strategy and goals.

For assistance, the Dental Care Plus Group turned to West Monroe Partners, which offered an efficient and comprehensive approach for assessing IT organizations and operations— honed through its IT due diligence work for many leading private equity organizations. The Dental Care Plus Group asked West Monroe Partners to:

  • Assess its current IT plan and capabilities
  • Recommend improvements that are critical to delivering the company’s business strategy
  • Provide a prioritized road map to support the company’s new IT leader, once hired

Recommendations for supporting an evolving business model
West Monroe Partners’ IT assessment included:

  • Applications and systems
  • Infrastructure, including disaster recovery and back-up planning
  • Business and IT processes
  • Organization structure and skills
  • Spend and investments
  • HIPAA compliance

Based on the assessment, the West Monroe team identified the need to update the Dental Care Plus Group’s technology plan to provide adequate support for its business strategy. West Monroe Partners developed a comprehensive set of recommended changes and initiatives and prioritized these—in effect, providing a road map for the organization. Key recommendations included:

  • Infrastructure enhancements, particularly in light of the company’s plans to move into the DTC market
  • Application updates, including deployment options for lowering costs and improving user experience
  • IT organization structure changes, including filling the vacant IT leadership position as quickly as possible

In addition to providing the company with a solid IT road map, West Monroe’s document served as a valuable onboarding tool for the Dental Care Plus Group’s new IT leader—allowing him to quickly understand the current landscape and potential action items for enabling future growth.