Forging a new digital future with an intranet-based digital workplace for utility and its subsidiary workforces.

The Challenge

A digital transformation

Con Edison launched a digital employee experience effort to implement a redesigned intranet for 15,000 employees. The utility’s vision was to redesign the intranet with the following key objectives in mind: promoting the safety of utility employees and the public, engaging employees, encouraging interaction, providing the information and tools needed to achieve operational excellence, and providing great customer experience.

Unifying Con Edison’s employees on a single intranet platform was key. The portal required enhanced search capabilities, a standardized look and feel, consistent department templates, and redesigned employee communications, as well as digital forms, policies, and procedures.

The Solution

Leveraging design thinking and agile implementation, keeping the employee in mind

The team began by conducting discovery workshops with a cross-section of employees with varying business units, organizational tenure, level, digital aptitude, and leadership. Discovery workshops uncovered insight into how employees work together and how the new Intranet solution could help create a more productive, connected, empowered, and engaged workforce.

The team created four personas, which brought to life the motivations, behaviors, interactions, needs, and goals of typical intranet users.  The personas were used from design to roll-out, matching features to personas to make decisions about visual layout, information architecture, backlog priorities, and security and permissions.  Using human-centered design, rapid prototyping frameworks, and lean agile product development principles, West Monroe and the utility designed and implemented a well-designed intranet for employees as well as its subsidiaries.

West Monroe led content strategy sessions to assess, reorganize, and refine the existing intranet site content to allow for a clutter-free environment.  In addition, West Monroe created a governance structure and outlined permissions for various content managers and authors. This minimizes new page creation and avoids content duplication.

To ensure a smooth launch, West Monroe developed a change management strategy that included detailed communication and training plans for content authors, corporate communications, and general employee users.  The final product: a modern intranet and collaboration platform (SharePoint) with the latest responsive web design technologies and principles.

The Impact 

A unified digital employee experience leading to increased satisfaction and engagement

When the intranet launched, the results were immediate, including increased employee satisfaction and efficiency:

  • The new intranet maintained high adoption by continuing to service 76% of their 15,000 employees daily, contributing to a seamless and integrated digital employee experience
  • Employee satisfaction of the Intranet increased by 30% with the intranet launch, leading to happier and more engaged employees
  • Search utilization has increased overall by 50%, leading to employee self-service engagement
  • The team simplified content and decreased overall page count from 1,200 to 120, leading to search effectiveness, which ultimately resulted in employee efficiency
  • Through its modern and user-friendly interface, the redesigned intranet provided utility employees with digital technology that enables both field and management employees to easily access information

Con Edison’s new intranet, “Conor,” has been recognized among the top 10 intranets of 2020 by Nielsen Norman Group. The redesigned intranet, first introduced to employees in February 2018, is featured in detail in Nielsen Norman Group’s new report, Intranet Design Annual 2020: The Year’s 10 Best Intranets. 

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