Disparate systems and lack of central data repository creates roadblocks for the Foundation for C.H.O.I.C.E. to serve regional at-risk youth.

The Challenge 

A cumbersome data management process stands in the way of providing service 

C.H.O.I.C.E. was facing multiple data management issues, keeping them from achieving the growth they desired. The organization lacked a central repository, creating various data sources and results a manual maintenance process which increased risk for human error, and a lack of communication between staff. They relied on Excel to track activities, services, and their network of mentors and students. This made volunteer management cumbersome and unsustainable process. The process of managing data in multiple Excel spreadsheets was extremely time consuming and made accurate reporting arduous and unmanageable. 

Additional challenges were realized when an employee would leave the organization, as the team would struggle for weeks to discern where the previous employee left off while trying to onboard a new employee. This allowed room for error and potential mentees/mentors to fall through the cracks.

The Solution 

Data management becomes streamlined with increased clarity and accuracy 

West Monroe’s cross-functional team of customer experience and technology experts came together to understand C.H.O.I.C.E.’s unique challenges. 

Through extensive evaluation, the decision was made to build a solution on Salesforce’s Non-Profit Success Pack. The team started by designing a solution on the platform that was flexible enough for continuous growth. The team helped eliminate data silos, as well as clean and import data. Centralizing the data from various user spreadsheets related to mentors, mentees, donors, and volunteers into Salesforce allowed for a single source of truth for donor and volunteer management. 

From there, specified record types were created to track mentor and mentee activities, along with workflow automation configuration to set reminders for the organization to follow up with potential grantors in a timely manner.  Data access and functionality was secured with a model which allowed for scale and flexibility as the organization continues to grow. With all data now being stored in one centralized location, reporting capabilities have been drastically improved and streamlined.

There is also a newfound ability to log employee activities, allowing the entire team to have transparency and insight into current workloads, next steps, and potential gaps to run their processes more efficiently.

The Impact 

Small team takes back over a year’s worth of employee working hours for increased productivity

The transformation of their data management process enabled the team at C.H.O.I.C.E. to save over 2,400 hours every year previously spent manually entering and tracking contacts, reporting from multiple spreadsheets, and backfilling employees who had moved on. This savings equals more than an entire year’s worth of full-time working hours, meaning the internal team of five effectively gained the efficiencies of an additional employee due to the new technology implementation.

“Working with West Monroe and their team not only provided us the opportunity to scale the organization in ways not deemed possible without Salesforce, but also opened up doors for us to think of other ways to work with them again and secure additional funding to do so!” 

Jessica Bartnick  Co-Founder & CEO, C.H.O.I.C.E.

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