In just six weeks, West Monroe helped NAC make key changes that accelerated bookings and reduced deferred payments—advancing the organization’s mission to engage people of different abilities in positive recreational programs.

The Challenge 

Missed registration opportunities and substantial outstanding account balances 

The National Ability Center (NAC) maintains a portal through which new participants create accounts and profiles so they can register and pay for programs. The organization experienced several issues due to the portal functionality:

  • Registering and requesting a user account required completing a form with about 50 questions. About 85% of prospects abandoned the new-user registration process, never establishing their profiles.
  • Inadequate search capabilities made it difficult for participants to find and register for classes. This resulted in several calls to the reservations center for assistance. Many other participants never completed the step of registering for programs.
  • Limitations in the payment process allowed participants to defer payment. Within eight weeks of their new fiscal year, NAC had accrued more than $117,000 in deferred payments. The organization was spending, at minimum, 10 hours per week collecting outstanding balances.

The Solution 

Portal enhancements designed with customer experience in mind 

NAC asked West Monroe to analyze current portal account creation, registration, and payment processes and develop solutions that will eliminate costly issues and optimize customer experience— enabling staff to focus on NAC’s mission of engaging people of differing abilities in positive recreational programs.

A West Monroe team helped NAC:

  • Simplify the lengthy account creation process and removed necessity for manual intervention
  • Grant access to new users as soon as they complete the profile and waiver process
  • Enhance capabilities for finding programs of interest by improving the search algorithm and soon simplifying the user interface
  • Remove the option to defer payment

The Impact 

Significant growth in bookings, with fees  collected on time 

On November 2, 2018, following six weeks of analysis and development, NAC launched the portal upgrades. Since then, NAC has been able to collect payment for programs consistently at the time of booking, while almost eliminating outstanding balances. This has also allowed the organization to significantly reduce the administrative burden and cost associated with collecting outstanding balances.

More importantly, by offering a better customer experience through its portal, NAC has experienced a strong increase in bookings, which has enabled more participants to engage in and benefit from the organization’s adaptive recreational experiences. This increase supports NAC’s recent growth and expansion initiatives.

“West Monroe’s overhaul of our registration portal transformed the reservation experience for our users while saving us valuable staff time and helping us capture over $202K.” 


Kevin Stickelman, CEO of National Ability Center

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