New electronic medical record system supports current processes and allows for growth of vital community services
Boyer Children’s Clinic has been serving the greater Seattle community for nearly 75 years by providing early intervention services for young children with disabilities, developmental delays and other special healthcare needs.
Boyer Children’s Clinic provides multi-disciplinary healthcare services to over 800 children and their families every year. Its staff includes occupational and physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, family resources coordinators, nurses, a social worker, and a developmental pediatrician. 

In order to meet the changing needs of the clinic as it grows, and serve even more children in need, Boyer is in the middle of a three-year strategic plan: “5 Bold Steps”. As part of this investment, Boyer sought to implement a Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to: 
  • Reduce manual, paper processes and improve staff productivity
  • Automate and consolidate patient information to enable more efficient communication with families and providers
  • Enable rapid response to information requests from funders and regulatory bodies, and easily adapt as requirements shift

Proven Partnership

West Monroe Partners and Boyer had previously partnered together on the EMR vendor selection. With a deep understanding of Boyer’s business requirements gained during this process, along with extensive experience in the healthcare industry supporting EMR implementation, the firm was a natural choice to support the next phase of the project. 

In collaboration with Boyer and its funders, West Monroe approached the implementation project as a change management effort, as the large-scale technology transformation would impact every aspect of the business as employees, volunteers and clients adapted to the new system.

Common Vision Leads to Successful Integration

West Monroe first led the client through the creation of a value and vision plan, which provided the direction for the entire project execution. To successfully integrate the change,  West Monroe recommended the creation of the Boyer Change Network, a group of employees from across the agency who would represent their departments and serve as liaisons between the project team and the broader organization.  

With the client aligned around a common vision, West Monroe created communication and training plans to ensure successful adoption, while supporting the selected EMR vendor, Raintree, in developing a customized tool to achieve Boyer’s objectives. 

West Monroe managed the implementation over a short period of only eight months, while consistently measuring change readiness and supporting designated super users through the transition. The team leveraged their previous experience as well as organizational change management best practices to ensure the Boyer teams were adequately supported during the transition. 

Though challenging, this endeavor lead to successful user acceptance and the deployment of a sustainability plan to ensure system adaptation over time, the key measure of change management success.

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