Using a streamlined process to build digital capabilities that improve front-line employee effectiveness and satisfaction.

The two step digital storm methodology delivered clarity, a business case, and a roadmap and plan to enable execution success. 

The Challenge

A need to modernize

BECU front-line employees were burdened with manual and complex processes, lengthy onboarding and training time, and over 40 applications to service a member. Left unchanged, these issues posed significant risks to employee satisfaction, quality of member experience, and perception of the brand.

In line with its long-standing philosophy of “people helping people,” the organization embarked on an effort to identify the technologies and techniques of the new digital world that would modernize its systems and equip its frontline teams to serve members with greater agility. 

The Solution

The "right weight" approach to digital adoption

West Monroe assembled a cross-disciplinary team (including Workforce Optimization, Technology, Customer Experience, and Banking experts) to address the complexity of the challenge and engage the range of client sponsors. The team used its proprietary Digital Storm approach to systematically unpack and attack the issues. The process was delivered in an efficient four-week sprint with two primary stages:

First, West Monroe developed a clear picture of the truth. The team conducted over 100 interviews at its call center to understand the depth and breadth of the issues. Based on the input, the team developed a clear and detailed characterization of what employees were being asked to do by plotting the duration, complexity, and frequency of all activities. That inventory was then analyzed and reduced to a short list of 5-6 processes that could yield the greatest value from intervention.

West Monroe then brought the client team together to reimagine how new and repurposed technologies could transform the targeted set of processes. A wide range of remedies and enhancements were evaluated including applications of modern data science, AI/machine learning, voice interface, IoT, and cyber security. 

In stark contrast to a 6-month labored strategy exercise, West Monroe used its two-step Digital Storm methodology to deliver clarity, a business case, and a roadmap and plan for execution.

The Impact

Equal parts metrics and motivation

The results were material: quantitative measures showed that 17,000 hours of time were saved by improving just two key processes. Qualitatively, the process established consensus for change by aligning and energizing business leaders and employees around a shared vision of their digital future.

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