Integrating machine data with its Salesforce CRM platform helps ATEK Access Technologies drive revenue and efficiency

By integrating machine data with Salesforce, ATEK was able to create new recurring revenue, a safer solution and preventative maintenance that increased customer satisfaction. 

ATEK needed to expand its customer service and create a foundation for growth to new offerings and a preventative service model. Its goals included:

  • Creating a new revenue stream— ATEK wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to sell a scalable service with its wireless tank-level monitoring  product, TankScan. The service would provide ATEK with real-time information to allow for proactive maintenance and management of the TankScan product line.
  • Streamlining processes—ATEK found it nearly impossible to keep up with machine data because every device had to be manually monitored, and there was not a single user interface for managing sensors and devices.
  • Improving customer satisfaction—ATEK was wasting time and money by sending service technicians to manually check on devices deployed at customer locations. ATEK wanted to have the ability to receive alerts proactively from devices so it could send technicians to sites on an as-needed basis.
The solution

We partnered with ATEK to integrate machine data directly into its CRM platform. The solution consisted of these elements:

Connect. We provided guidance on connecting tank sites and remote equipment to the enterprise. This included deploying hardware to monitor batteries for deployed tank sensors. No matter how remote the location, the sensors now have the capability to alert customers proactively when batteries are low and need to be replaced—preventing loss of access to critical machine data.

Control. We deployed cloud services to manage the battery healthy and connectivity of devices at customer locations, as well as cellular usage information. ATEK now has visibility into all remote TankScan devices and their communication.

Engage. We implemented The Social Machine, which uses machine data to create cases inside of ATEK’s Salesforce Platform when batteries are low or when there is an issue with a TankScan device. The cases act as preventative “call-to-action” alerts for ATEK’s service team.

The results

ATEK is now able to fulfill its vision to provide more information, new solution offerings, and better customer service to its global customer base.

New recurring revenue. ATEK has created a new service and recurring revenue stream by giving its products a voice. Battery status, voltage, and uptime alerts power a real-time monitoring system that ATEK now offers as a value-add for its customers.

Preventative maintenance increases customer satisfaction. The real-time monitoring system guarantees customers experience 100-percent uptime and never miss a reading. Simultaneously, ATEK has reduced the number of service appointments. Customers no longer need to discover and report problems—they are notified proactively about potential issues, before those issues occur. The Social Machine also ensures that the customer has the right settings in place to drive efficiencies. Customers also are happier, and service costs are lower than ever.

Safer solution. Automated monitoring and reduced manual intervention has resulted in fewer work-related accidents. The entire process is a safer, more secure, and more reliable solution for tank monitoring.

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