Forging a new digital future with an intranet-based, award-winning workplace

The Challenge

A digital transformation 

The AMA launched a digital transformation effort with two goals in mind: establishing an integrated digital workplace to align employees to their strategic objectives and enhance employee communications to drive cultural change.

Central to the strategy was unifying the association’s employees on a modern workplace platform featuring collaboration functionality, knowledge sharing and communication tools, enhanced search capabilities, digital forms and business process automation tools, and the ability to serve as an information gateway. This platform would be the catalyst for tuning the culture and systems of the association to perform with digital agility.

The Solution

Keeping the user in mind

AMAtoday was grounded in findings from an association-wide survey to understand perceptions about and usefulness of the current workplace. The team conducted detailed interviews with employees representing a cross-section of business units, organizational tenure, level, digital aptitude, and leadership—providing greater insight into how employees work and how the AMA could help them become more productive, collaborative, and engaged. The team created four user “personas,”  that brought to life the motivations, behaviors, interactions, needs, and goals of typical intranet users. The team used the personas throughout—from design to rollout, matching features to personas to make decisions about visual layout, information architecture, and security and permissions. Using human-centered design, rapid prototyping frameworks and lean agile product development principles, West Monroe and AMA designed AMAtoday, meeting an array of user demands and positioning the company for success.

With a clear vision of the future, West Monroe conducted technical workshops to identify a solution delivery path that would serve as a digital standard for the organization. The team jointly developed KPIs for tracking ROI, allowing the product team to monitor success and iterate on functionality as required.

The new intranet established the platform on which AMA would increase employee engagement, reduce email traffic, and decrease time spent completing manual forms—all time the association could now devote to better serving its members. AMAtoday leverages a modern cloud intranet and collaboration platform (Office 365 and SharePoint Online) and the latest responsive web design technologies and principles.

The Impact

Immediate returns and a roadmap for innovation

The results were immediate including motivating employees to deliver on business goals, reducing clutter, and increasing productivity: 

  • Increase in Intranet adoption (daily use) from 4% to 54%, leading to happier and more engaged employees
  • 37% reduction in IT Support Center calls, incidents, and email requests, leading to employee self-service engagement
  • 9898% increase in visits to business unit pages, leading to a connected workforce
  • 32% increase in click-through rate from AMAtoday to other AMA business tools as an information gateway, contributing to a seamless digital experience

To ensure success beyond the near term, West Monroe delivered a roadmap for multi-year technical delivery that will enable the association to work smarter, better connect across departments and functions, learn improved work patterns, and contribute to the development of a digital culture. 

“Introducing AMAtoday brought our organization into the modern digital age, with a platform on which we can continue to build a true digital workplace that not only enables, but encourages collaboration, connectivity, and efficiency" - Justin DeJong, Vice President for Internal and External Communications, AMA

AMAtoday won Nielsen Norman Group's World's 10 Best Intranets of 2018.  


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