Customer Relationship Management

Simply put, customer relationship management (CRM) is centered on the principles of understanding your customers and building profitable relationships for your business. We view CRM as the data backbone that enables all other activities—from your customer related operational processes to customer interactions with your sales team, contact center and customer service representatives, to the marketing campaigns you are executing. If used correctly, CRM is a powerful tool that supports your employees in delivering a great customer experience.

You know that you need a 360-degree view of your customer; well it’s not only seeing the full picture but having the right customer data for the right situation. By equipping your team with the data they need, CRM helps drive customer loyalty, increases sales efficiency and profitability, provides competitive advantage, and drives top-line revenue. 

We have deep industry experience along with a proven approach to strategize and implement the tools and resources your team needs to meet business and customer goals. With certified experts focused in and Microsoft Dynamics, you can ensure our team understands and communicates the ins and outs of the platform to make your employees successful. 

We recognize it’s not just about delivering the tools, but a winning strategy and implementation is only possible with the support of its people. Working with your team, we ensure alignment around the strategic objectives, internal adoption by understanding the impacts of change on your employees and by providing the right training to equip everyone to drive results that you expect from your investment. Our view is that CRM is ultimately the heart of customer experience and having the right data and platform empowers you to deliver that. 

Customer Strategy & Insights

Tweaks to your customer experience program are no longer enough—transformational initiatives must touch every line of business in order to provide an exceptional experience across the entire customer ecosystem. We help you bridge that gap between setting the right customer expectations and delivering the operational execution which ultimately allows you to fulfill your brand promise. 

We understand that competition is stiff, regardless of industry and you need accurate insight into your customers: which ones drive the most value, which should you retain, which customers are at risk. Using Voice of the Customer (VoC) techniques, predictive and other analytics, we can provide a fact-based analysis of your customers that enables you to plan an impactful strategy at every phase of the customer life-cycle, journey and across all touch-points. 

Today’s customer requires an updated business model. With entirely new channels and more self-service options, customers are faced with many additional touch points―giving you yet another chance to make a great impression. We know that only “customer first” organizations will survive and we arm you with the strategy and insights to make that happen. From assessing and improving marketing and sales touch points to make things effortless for your customer, to designing efficient cross-channel programs, identifying new digital strategies, to rolling up our sleeves to implement process and technology changes, we partner with you to deliver a meaningful end-to-end customer experience with measurable operational and financial results. 


Digital technology has transformed everything—from the way you service your customers to the way you collaborate across your business. To stay competitive, your organization needs to develop and embrace practices that maximize these channels. In today’s constantly connected world, customers no longer view individual interactions—online, social, mobile, contact center, in-person—as distinct experiences. They expect a personalized and seamless transition from one channel to the next, no matter how they choose to connect with your organization.

A digital strategy encompasses customer and employee engagement across all touch-points and through all channels – it is the new front line for your company. Combining our customer-centric mindset and deep technical capabilities, we design user-centered experiences to help you build a digitally capable culture.

Rooted in an understanding of your identity, our goal is to create an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates every stage of the sales cycle, from the consumer and the company perspective. Our human-centered design capabilities stretch the expanse of the experience—from the design of websites, company portals, to enterprise software, and mobile solutions—in order to promote engagement and streamline interactions. A cohesive digital strategy has transformative powers, and our goal is to help you reinvest yourself, without losing sight of who you are. We partner with you to design and deliver a digital experience that provides effortless interactions, promotes customer loyalty, increases revenue, and improves collaboration across geographies and business functions.

How can we help you turn your digital experience into competitive advantage?

High Performance Contact Center

When you think about your customer service, do you initially think about your contact center? If not, you should be! Contact centers are not going away – customers still crave the human interaction to efficiently solve their issues. It’s now more important than ever to offer customers an easy and painless experience when communicating with your contact center. How do you shorten wait times, increase employee productivity and ultimately create value for your customers and your business? You must be able to benchmark your progress—internally as well as against peers in your industry—in order to get better.

For a long time contact centers have struggled with change. Why make the change? Is it cost-savings for your business, improving your customer experience or both? Ideally, it should be all of the above. We help you make the shift from cost center, to profit center, to ultimately a value center in eyes of your customers. We start with a comprehensive assessment that ranks your organization in six key areas that influence customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty: strategy, business processes, technology, performance management and reporting, people development, and organization. From there, we help you understand where you rank on our maturity model and then develop what your optimal maturity looks like at each stage and innovative strategies to get you there. 

Your call center is here to stay, it’s time to humanize your front line and reinvent how you are interacting with customers in this channel. Partner with us to provide the experience and support you need to transform your contact center into a customer-centric, high performance contact center that your rely on. 

Marketing Enablement

Digital channels have changed consumers’ expectations for interacting with businesses. Today, the winning marketers are those that can use customer data effectively to understand context, predict individuals’ next steps, and engage those individuals when and where they choose to interact—whether through digital or traditional channels. In other words, these marketers can deliver the desired level of personalization—at scale.

Whether you are in the business of one-to-one relationships or market to millions, you have value to gain through effective use of digital channels. 

We understand and apply marketing enablement principles shown to build competitive advantage and drive customer experience transformation: Bringing CIO and CMO teams together to build truly customer-focused technology. Creating a complete customer view across fragmented channels and data stores. Producing insights based on a segmentation of one. And automating the right channels to move toward delivering a consistent and personalized experience any time and anywhere—an any-channel experience. 

In other words, we help you sell smarter by focusing your efforts on what matters to the customer.

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