Manufacturing & Distribution

Control & Efficiency
Well Beyond the Spreadsheet
From developing strategy to realizing results, we can assist with expansion into new channels, establishing successful alliances, evaluating potential M&A activity, transforming operations and implementing effective technologies.
Need for Green or Need for Speed
54% of consumers surveyed are willing to pay 5% more and 76% would wait one extra day for climate-friendly transport.
If even the smallest process improvements can yield enormous returns, then why are so many manufacturers and distributors still using spreadsheets and estimates to manage their operations? It’s time to push beyond “best guesses” and implement custom processes and software solutions to produce, move and promote your products with far greater control and efficiency. We can help.

The heart of our practice is harmonizing people, process and technology. We excel at helping companies streamline their supply chain, improve workforce productivity and optimize trade promotions. Do these well, and profitable growth will follow.

We find the best way to optimize efficiency is to conduct an operational assessment and use the findings to chart a clear path toward significant increases in performance.
Service Excellence Solution for Manufacturing

Service Excellence for Manufacturers is built 100% on the Salesforce Platform to help customers get to market faster. West Monroe has partnered with the industry leader, Salesforce, to create a solution built just for manufacturers, with the focus on gaining a competitive edge in aftermarket services for their products.

Supply Chain Management
Optimizing your supply chain can produce substantial performance benefits across the organization – from lower costs to higher customer satisfaction. With a wealth of experience in creating value by fine-tuning the supply chain, West Monroe Partners is the firm that can help you unlock the value in your supply chain.
Trade Promotion Management
Transforming trade promotion programs is a journey.  We leverage more than 35 years of consumer packaged goods experience, a proprietary software selection methodology, our internal center of excellence and technical abilities to help you through that journey - from strategy visioning through implementation and beyond.
Workforce Optimization
Growing shortages in skilled labor coupled with increased customer demands mean that companies today need to do more with less. They need a high-performing workforce – a workforce focused on productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction across all of their operations. Is your workforce up for the challenge?
Increase Channel Sales Performance in Manufacturing with Salesforce, Steelbrick and West Monroe Partners
Date : December 8, 2015 Time : 11:00 AM CST

Join West Monroe, Salesforce and SteelBrick for a webinar to see how Mitsubishi Electric is leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud, Partner Communities and SteelBrick Quote-to-Cash to increase channel sales performance.

Salesforce and West Monroe Nationwide Joint Event
Date : December 1, 2015 Time : 11:00 AM CST
Hear from manufacturing experts on how to leverage Salesforce for aftermarket services delivering effortless customer service, customer loyalty and additional revenue while raising the bar on the competition.
West Monroe Partners and Insite discuss how companies can leverage their advantage in the marketplace and achieve their objectives using customer focused digital strategies.
Date : November 19, 2015 Time : 01:00 PM EST

Distribution companies and their executives face pressure on multiple fronts to improve margins, grow revenues and build stronger relationships with their customers. At the same time, they recognize the need for stronger returns on their digital investments.