Tap into Actionable Data

While your business grows and shifts in response to changing market conditions, your data is evolving at an even faster pace. That data holds the key to many opportunities, but to capitalize on them you must be able to manage your escalating volume of data, extract it from the right places, and turn it into real business insight.

If your organization is struggling with how to tap into actionable data, you’re far from alone. Few companies make full use of the rich data available to them.

“Getting it right” requires not only strong technology and advanced analytic skills, but also industry best practices and organizational change experience—a unique blend of experience that we bring to the table. 

We help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of tools and capabilities and translate complex business requirements into a practical technology-based data platform that suits your business. 

In many cases, we have found it effective to start by targeting a particular business problem. From there, we can help you establish the elements of a robust data platform that are right for your business and information “consumers”: data marts and warehouses that store, protect, and govern your data; predictive/prescriptive modeling capabilities that enable you to anticipate outcomes and define actions based on observation or behavior; big data solutions that analyze extremely large volumes of structured and unstructured data and improve speed to market; and visualization capabilities that highlight trends and insights.

Our solutions leverage modern cloud technology, data science, machine learning, and accelerators—such as our Rapid Analytics Platform—that generate insights faster, better, and cost effectively and adapt easily to your continuously evolving data sources.

Even better, we support you every step of the way toward becoming a data-driven organization—from creating an information management strategy, to delivering new capabilities, to using insight effectively, to running and refining solutions on an ongoing. The result is a more knowledgeable, efficient, productive, agile, and best of all, competitive, organization—one able to make data-driven decisions you never thought possible.

Influence Customer Behavior

In every industry, companies face unique circumstances that require them to influence customer behavior. Banks must growth their share of customer wallet. Healthcare payers must confront the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Utilities must engage customers to manage their energy usage for the first time. 

To achieve these or other goals, you will need to know more about your customers—and the value they bring to your organization—than you ever have before. This requires new types of insight.

That’s where we come in, with distinctive experience in analyzing data, applying data science, using the latest machine learning techniques that can help you derive insights about every phase of your customer lifecycle and make fact-based decisions that influence customer behavior.

Before you can take action to influence customer behavior, you first must be able to navigate one of the biggest challenges for today’s data scientists: accessing data from disparate source systems and translating it into a format that you can analyze. With deep expertise in “data plumbing,” we help you accelerate the path to analysis and then insight. This includes establishing a modern platform that employs best-practice master data management and data governance capabilities, as well as a center of excellence that enables your organization to analyze and use customer data continuously.

We will then work with you to differentiate customer segments based on value to your organization, map and understand each segment’s customer journey, analyze data from all customer touch points, and develop strategies for improving interactions at every step of the relationship. Our approach makes sure you consider data privacy concerns and security of customer data when you use information to take action.

What can you achieve by being able to predict your customers’ next steps? You can make proactive product and service recommendations that increase loyalty, take pre-emptive steps to retain valuable customers most at risk for defection, and deliver a distinctive, effortless experience at every point of contact. 

Secure the Business

We don’t have to tell you that cybersecurity breaches and hacks are almost a daily occurrence—the headlines already do. And those incidents have spawned a complex and evolving compliance environment. If you worry whether your organization is the next target and what to do about it, you’re not alone.

Many vendors offer IT security tests and assess compliance obligations—but these only go so far in helping you stay ahead of rapidly evolving cybersecurity risks.

We take a different approach—one focused not simply on compliance but on helping you establish the right security strategy, investments, and program for managing your threat landscape and protecting your business over time, not just at a particular point in time.

With insight about root causes of marketplace breaches as well as IT security best practices, we identify ways your organization could be at risk—and then translate that into a practical IT security strategy that address business issues by reducing the likelihood of a breach or hack. Our insight and experience stems from exposure to more than 100 diverse environments every year, spanning a wide array of organizations, industries, and products. 

The best IT security solutions are about prevention, not reaction. They cover all facets of your technology environment—but they also reflect the reality that security is not just about tools and testing. To be effective, they must involve people and processes. Here again, we are uniquely qualified to help—with experienced professionals who can facilitate effective dialogue between your business and IT leaders to shape a security strategy that builds a true culture of security beyond IT and engages everyone in securing your organization. 

Last, but not least, we don’t just provide practical recommendations. We are happy to roll up our sleeves and apply our technical expertise to help you make sure you have the right solutions and remediation strategies in place and working for your business. 

In other words, we don’t just help you secure your business and future. We help you sleep better at night.

Drive Powerful Engagement

In the past, it was easy enough to engage a particular group of individuals—for example, customers or employees—to drive the results you wanted. A lot has changed.

Today, businesses have four key “constituents”—employees, customers, business partners, and “things” (devices)—that are constantly interconnected through technology. Not only has this ecosystem expanded, it has become considerably more complex and dynamic. Fail to engage the members of this ecosystem effectively, and they can switch brands or service providers or employers more easily than ever before.

The leaders of tomorrow will be those that engage key constituents today in a powerful, differentiated way. Powerful engagement is the result of efficient interactions that deliver accurate, timely information through a customer’s  preferred channel and that foster user trust in in the security and use of the data. 

We build solutions that harness the power of technology to change the way people work, collaborate, and interact—leveraging today’s best technology capabilities that enable you to do two things very well: Build effective interfaces that deliver a compelling experience and establish analytics and reporting capabilities that allow you to understand engagement.  This gives you the ability to adjust your engagement strategies in tune with the accelerating pace of your market. 

By equipping you to connect people with the information they need and want, we help you create relevancy, optimal experiences, and rich, intelligent engagement that makes it easy for people to do business with your organization and difficult to leave. That translates to success and brand value.

Build a Modern Platform

If yours is like many businesses, existing infrastructure and data centers limit your ability to deliver at the pace of today’s business—and potentially your company’s ability to capitalize on fast-emerging opportunities. 

Cloud-based platforms offer greater agility and other benefits. Indeed, you may have moved some services to the cloud to improve agility and predictability, but your next move isn’t quite as clear.

We bring clarity—helping you execute a prudent cloud-migration strategy for your business that is cost-conscious and maximizes the value of your existing infrastructure investments, while at the same time elevating your ability to respond rapidly to change.

Led by deep technologists who are experts in architecture, we build efficient, business-enabling modern technology platforms. The key to our approach is looking at this not just as a technology solution. We also consider the impact on and changing requirements for people and processes. We examine opportunities to tap into actionable data and influence customer behavior. And we apply proprietary financial modeling capabilities and experience to identify the most favorable mix of on-premise, colocation, and cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) services and a practical roadmap for achieving it.

The other difference is that we don’t just advise. We work side-by-side with your team to turn a roadmap into a reality, using execution skills sharpened by migrating infrastructure and establishing operations for hundreds of M&A transactions per year—each one an opportunity to build a new modern platform for a new enterprise.

Building a modern platform not only offers greater management and cost predictability; it allows you to employ advanced security processes that would be difficult and costly to establish internally. It shifts IT from commodity service provider to valued business partner. Most of all, it creates the ability to continuously reinvent products and technology to engage customers and drive business priorities—without waiting for traditional procurement cycles.

In other words, IT no longer is in the business of saying “no”—because now it can deliver change at the real pace of business.

Run Seamless Operations

Your business demands high availability, frequent updates and enhancements to core applications, evolving capabilities for protecting against the fast-changing array of security risks to your operations, and more.

Meeting these demands is essential—it’s a key to strong business performance. But keeping pace and keeping the many moving parts running well require a depth and breadth that is costly to build and maintain internally. Too often, companies rely on burdened internal IT teams and a patchwork of managed services outsourcers. Can you afford to do so?

At West Monroe Partners, we have a very different approach to managed services—one focused on running seamless IT operations as a key element of business performance. There are good reasons we call it Performance Services.

We’ve invested in people and processes rather than data centers, because when it comes right down to it, people are what drive performance.

We’ve built a Performance Services team with the true depth and breadth to run core operations—whether on premises, in the cloud, or both—24x7, for today’s complex and evolving enterprises. This isn’t just a collection of specialists; it is a team of more than 100 enthusiasts with a passion for excellence and improvement—backed by the deep business, industry, and technical expertise of our consulting organization.

We’ve made a deliberate decision to keep our Performance Services team on shore and connected to both our clients and our consulting organization. You will work with people hand-chosen to be part of our team, not external partners. 

And we’ve reinvested what we learn from running managed services back into our consulting work, allowing us to design technology solutions from the outset with efficient ongoing operations in mind.

Strong, efficiently run core systems are the foundation on which your business endures, grows, and innovates. Run them well, and you are better positioned to achieve and exceed your business objectives—and to keep pace with change.

Let us master the fundamentals so you can focus on mastering the shift.