Few companies make full use of the rich data available to them. Those that do get the art of information management right position themselves for advantage—through more effective business decisions and enhanced ability to attract, sell to, and retain customers.

“Getting it right” requires not only strong technology and advanced analytic skills, but also industry best practices and organizational change experience—a unique blend of experience that we bring to the table

We help you navigate the rapidly evolving information management landscape and translate complex business requirements into practical technology-based business solutions: data marts and warehouses that store protect and govern your data; predictive/prescriptive modeling capabilities that enable you to anticipate outcomes and define actions to take as the result of an observation or behavior; big data solutions that allow you to analyze extremely large volumes of structured and unstructured data and improve speed to market; and visualization capabilities that highlight trends and insights.

Better yet, we support you every step of the way—from creating an information management strategy, to delivering new capabilities, to using insight effectively, to running and refining solutions on an ongoing basis.

If your organization is ready to gain greater value and lasting impact from its data, we’re ready to help.


Whether you’re in manufacturing or healthcare, retail or financial services, technology is increasingly vital to your performance and success. So it’s natural to expect more of your IT function: efficient operations and fast-paced delivery, but also capabilities for innovating and enabling your business.

What will you need to change to get your IT operations to the right level? 

With a unique multi-disciplinary team that includes IT strategists, technology architects, highly experienced industry consultants, and organizational design specialists, along with a strong foundation of IT best practices, we examine your IT operations from all angles

Our unique blend of business and technology insight helps you align IT strategy and investments with business strategy. Create a practical road map for improvement. Manage and maintain a technology portfolio with the right solutions and architecture to grow your business. And build an IT organization with the right structure, leadership, staff, and skills to advance your business strategy.

If desired, we can step in to provide experienced IT leadership while helping you establish your future state vision.

Accomplish more at a lower cost? Improve time to market? And support key business initiatives? All at the same time? Yes, it’s possible.


We don’t have to tell you that security breaches and hacks are almost a daily occurrence—the headlines already do. And those incidents have spawned a complex and evolving compliance environment.

If you’re left worrying whether your organization is the next target, and what to do about it, you’re not alone.

Many vendors offer IT security tests and assess compliance obligations—but these only go so far in helping you stay ahead of rapidly evolving security risks.

We take a different approach—one focused on managing the IT security risks to your business rather than simply on compliance.

Applying insight about root causes of marketplace breaches as well as IT security best practices, we identify ways your organization could be at risk—and then translate that into practical IT security solutions that address business issues by reducing the likelihood of a breach or hack. 

The best IT security solutions protect your business over time rather than at a particular point in time. Here again, we are uniquely qualified to help—with experienced professionals who can facilitate effective dialogue between your business and IT leaders with respect to protecting the business, along with change management principles to make sure your team is prepared to manage risks after our work is done.

In other words, we don’t just help you secure your business and future, we help you sleep better at night.


In a market where transactions take place and relationships can be built or broken in the blink of an eye, having the right technology in place is essential to meeting business objectives. Increasingly, enterprise mobility solutions are at the center of effective operations. 

But enterprise mobility is about much more than putting an app on a device. It’s about arming your sales or other market-facing workers with the insight they need, exactly when and where they need it. Typically, that requires a complex combination of systems, data, integration, and processes—which is why we are especially qualified to help.

Many organizations can build apps. We solve business mobility problems

Applying an uncommon blend of business experience and deep technology skills, we work with you to define the information necessary for effective front-line interactions and then figure out how to find, move, secure, and deliver that information.

Then, we enable your business by building effective, cross-platform (iOS, Android, and Microsoft) business-to-employee (B2E) applications and connecting and integrating all the systems, devices, and data involved—so the solution delivers the results you envisioned.

Whether you’re enabling a salesperson interacting with a customer or a doctor treating a patient, we mobilize your team for success.


Whether the road ahead involves a complex merger or standing-up a new organization after a divestiture, it’s likely to be one of the most complex undertakings you will encounter. And if history serves, technology could be one of the costliest and highest-risk areas involved. 

You’ll need experience and expertise in a variety of IT and business disciplines to execute the transaction successfully. That’s where we come in.

Our team has been in your shoes, many times. We thrive on complex challenges. We understand common technology pitfalls and issues and how to navigate around them. And we can provide the blend of expertise you need to move from the earliest stages of a transaction through successful ongoing operations.

Up front, we help you identify both IT risks and opportunities in your investment target and develop a sound technology strategy and practical implementation plans, using proven tools to accurately forecast the time and dollars required to integrate.

Throughout integration, our program management expertise keeps all elements of large IT projects moving, on time and on budget.

Then, going forward, we can provide efficient, ongoing management for the IT environment, delivered by the same people who built it and understand it

Why take chances when you can take advantage of experience that paves the way for lower risk, fewer surprises down the road, and an organization well positioned to excel?


Adding a new business application that brings together data from disparate systems. Creating the ability to enter new data once and having it feed multiple systems, operations, and reports.

Given the complexity in today’s organizations, these aren’t small undertakings. The good news is, we thrive on tough systems challenges—and have earned a great reputation for delivering on them. In fact, we’ve built some of the most complex trading, claims, e-commerce and other custom business applications in use today. And many clients ask us to turn around their failed systems projects and bring them to fruition.

Why? Because we have breadth and depth of technology design and delivery expertise in custom application development, system integration, and technology platforms that few can match—not to mention the ability to draw on specialized expertise in areas such as mobility, analytics, or cloud capabilities.

Most importantly, we can pair technology skills with essential business acumen and industry expertise to solve problems, accelerate progress, and deliver solutions that make your business more effective.

In other words, we don’t just implement systems and applications. We deliver value and competitive advantage through technology.


If a business is judged on overall performance, then why is the responsibility of running its core functions often left to burdened internal teams and commodity outsourcers?

At West Monroe, we see these “managed services” very differently. We believe strong, efficiently run core systems are the foundation on which your businesses endures, grows and innovates. Run them well and you are better positioned to achieve and exceed your business objectives.

We are dedicated to running your systems and routine processes with high quality and efficiency. Our technology capabilities include a unique blend of technical, industry, and business expertise—making us an ideal partner for critical IT initiatives that demand flawless execution from strategy through implementation and beyond.