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Your users have high expectations when they call your IT service desk: fast diagnosis, clear communication, efficient resolution—and also a great attitude. That’s because their expectations are set by the best-in-class service organizations with which they interact today, from banks to retailers and more.

Most IT managed services or help desk providers simply aim to fix problems. We aim to deliver an outstanding experience—every time.

We not only focus on the experience, but proactive root cause analysis to ensure we see trends and completely resolve issues so they don’t happen again.  This makes your people more productive.

That starts with the people we choose to staff our IT managed service desk: people with deep and current technology skills—but also empathy and a passion to resolve issues. People with the business acumen to assess each situation, understand what’s needed for fast resolution, and communicate clearly and effectively.

We also invest in the tools that enable outstanding customer service. A state-of-the-art incident tracking and reporting system, call-center technology that allows us to see who’s calling before we pick up the phone, and workstation and mobile device management tools that enable us to react to a potential issue before it affects your business.

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Infrastructure Management

You’ve invested a lot to create an efficient, productive organization—a well-oiled machine. While your technology infrastructure is critical to maintaining operations, it’s the last thing you need to worry about. That’s because we do.

Our Performance Services team provides the deep technical skills and resources necessary to provide IT managed services to maintain reliable, predictable, high-performing data center operations. We make sure that your systems are up and running, maintained regularly, and patched securely. We manage hybrid environments for all of our clients, from on-premise to colo/hosted infrastructure to private and public clouds.  And we not only can perform regular management, but also the essential projects that add up to a technology environment that enables true business advantage.

For growing operations, the ability to scale infrastructure quickly is critical—and here, again, you can count on us. We provide managed services offerings for infrastructure management and data center outsourcing for organizations ranging from the mid-market to multi-billion-dollar global organizations in acquisition mode. In all, our team monitors and manages more than 15,000 devices. 

The bottom line: you can look after your business, with the confidence that we’re looking after the infrastructure that runs it.

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Application Management

Applications have quickly become a key functionality for effective business processes that impact your organization both externally and internally. Our team of managed services experts can help ensure your applications are maintained and continuously improved to meet the needs of your business growth.

Our Performance Services team provides skilled application management outsourcing and managed services capabilities that not only keep critical business applications  running, but also finely tuned and enhanced over time. We help companies manage and run some of the most common packaged software applications in use today — Microsoft, SharePoint and — as well as a wide array of custom .NET and SQL applications that support operations from front-end sales to fulfillment and reporting.

But the difference is our people — a team of business analysts and deep technologists who really get to know your business and bring ideas and solutions for advancing your key applications along with your business. In other words, great managers and problem solvers but even better business partners.

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Data Management

Your operations depend on certain critical data warehouses and reporting applications. These need regular care and maintenance over time so that they continue to meet needs as your business grows and changes.  Your data is also something that is constantly changing with feeds from external systems and the daily creation of data internally.

Many companies are not capable of managing complex operations on their own and struggle to scale data management and business intelligence efforts. Our team of managed services experts will take over the day-to-day management and administration responsibilities for ongoing data warehouse and BI reporting applications. We focus on maintenance, tuning and data flow to enable better performance and growth for your company. We provide ongoing development assistance – database, ETL and custom query – as well as Data Warehouse Development with reporting solutions within Microsoft SSRS, SSIS and SSAS.

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Security Management

The last thing any company wants is a security breach. As one of the fastest-evolving and most complex areas of the information technology landscape, it is essential to have the necessary resources in place to mount an effective defense.  The security landscape continues to evolve, so relying on the practices and tools from years ago will not meet the best practices and compliance requirements of today.

We provide comprehensive security governance designed to protect your business from cyber threats that are growing both in frequency and sophistication.  Our Performance Services team offers four critical security operational capabilities:

  • Virtual CISO Advisory Services: Provides cost effective risk management leadership along with current, industry-leading knowledge and experience
  • Security Operations Management: Day-to-day support and maintenance tasks required to operate your security infrastructure
  • Security Monitoring with Threat Intelligence: Provide 24x7 Security Operations Monitoring services for intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and log management.
  • Incident Response and Remediation: Mitigate the impact of a breach and quickly restore business as usual.

Our team will not just oversee your established security tools, but help manage your threat landscape. We are dedicated to running your systems and routine processes with high quality and efficiency, including the vital tool, processes and CISO advisory services that keep your operations and data secure. We assess your environment and risks and help you select security management tools and capabilities that support your business and complement your internal resources.

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