Transformation is only as hard as your ability to gain (and sustain) adoption. History tells us that can be nearly impossible, or at least time consuming and expensive.

As the optimization engine of West Monroe, Operations Excellence is dedicated to breaking through this barrier. Our success is rooted in going beyond merely pointing to best practices and standards. We help you realize the enduring benefits of business, process and organizational optimization by helping you gain real, sustainable adoption.

We do this by focusing on the essential “layers of adoption”: organization, teams and individuals. We help organizations transform operational and leadership strategies. We help teams maximize productivity by designing and implementing process improvements supported by innovative technology. And, we help individual employees understand the need for change – and their critical role in bringing it to life.
Workforce Optimization

Growing shortages in skilled labor coupled with increased customer demands mean that companies today need to do more with less. They need a high-performing workforce – a workforce focused on productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction across all of their operations. Is your workforce up for the challenge?

Enterprise Resource Planning
Establish the right ERP environment for your business needs — confidently, collaboratively, cost-effectively.
Organizational Change Management

Companies that recognize the value of change management are poised to reap the benefits of transformation.

Supply Chain
Optimizing your supply chain can produce substantial performance benefits across the organization – from lower costs to higher customer satisfaction. With a wealth of experience in creating value by fine-tuning the supply chain, West Monroe Partners is the firm that can help you unlock the value in your supply chain.
Human Capital Management
We help clients optimize the strategies, policies, processes, and supporting technologies they use to acquire, develop, and manage world-class workforces.

Sustainable practices can improve efficiency, increase sales and revenue, reduce costs, and minimize risk. They can also benefit your community and workforce and preserve natural resources. Have you realized these internal and external benefits of sustainability?

West Monroe to present five sessions at this year's IIE conference
Date : May 30, 2015
Join West Monroe's Jeremy Tancredi, Brigid Hartnett, Joel Brock, Dan Glaz and Joey Miller as they discuss standards, slotting optimization, waste reduction, union audits and more.
West Monroe Partners will be attending the WERC Conference in Orlando on May 4th - 5th.
Date : May 04, 2015
Please stop by booth #108 at the WERC conference to learn more about West Monroe's Retail, Workforce Optimization and Manufacturing and Distributing offerings.
Join West Monroe at Concur Fusion
Date : March 31, 2015
Come to our panel discussion "Managing Performance Against Goals for Travel Managers and Travel Buyers: Key Data and Actions to Take," presented by Nicole Shaver. Stop by Booth #78 to learn more about how we can implement and integrate Concur for your business.