Customer Predictive Analytics
All customers are not created equal.
Today’s banks struggle to grow share of customer wallet. Healthcare payer organizations confront the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Insurance companies strive to simplify the customer experience. In every industry, companies face unique circumstances that require them to understand their customers better—and the value those customers bring to the organization.

When it comes to their potential value to your organization, your customers are not equal. So how do you gain the insights you need to create differentiated, effortless experiences that improve loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value? 

Do you:

  • Have a complete view of your customers across all touch-points and interactions?
  • Differentiate your customers according to their current and potential value?
  • Deliver distinctive, effortless experiences based on their needs, preferences, and value?
  • Make proactive product and service recommendations to customers based on available insight?
  • Predict customers who are most at risk for defection and implement pre-emptive strategies to retain them?
  • Measure interactions based upon the level of customer effort required?

Customer Insights can be used to help answer all of these questions, and West Monroe can help.

Make fact-based decisions about your customers.
Using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, we equip you to derive insights about every phase of the customer lifecycle and the entire customer journey – from acquisition and onboarding to growth and retention to reactivation and win-back, if necessary.  Looking at each touch point of the customer journey helps you to uncover how data can help you improve a customer’s interaction with your organization each step of the way.

                        Example Analytics Maturity Model by Key Customer Touch-Points

We can help you integrate information from all customer touch-points and enable it using customer master data management, centers of excellence, and data governance capabilities.

What could you accomplish - improved customer service, loyalty, lifetime value, and ultimately profitability - with better customer insights?

Data-Driven Organization

Your business is always changing, and data is growing. Develop a data-driven organization focused on lasting results. 

As organizations grow and shift to address changing market conditions, data management challenges become more apparent and more difficult to address. But, there are significant opportunities which can come from your data, and the costs and risks associated with inaccurate data have never been higher.

Data – driven organizations know how to strategically address their business problems with data by engaging the right stakeholders and extracting insights from the right tools. With elaborate big data products, constantly emerging new analytics technologies, West Monroe can be the partner who sees through the fog. We can ensure you employ the analytics technologies which will meet your strategic needs and support the growth you want to see.

Don’t know where to even begin? West Monroe Partners can help—from uncovering strategic data opportunities to executing against a complex analytics roadmap – we will partner with you to achieve new heights through the use of data. 

What does that piece of data really mean? Governing data through an influential structure may be the solution.
With the sheer volume of data accumulating in most organizations, it is not always easy to find the right data, let alone translate it into business insight. In fact, most organizations are too busy growing to pay sufficient attention to data governance, which is fundamental to locating and maximizing the use of your data. 

We can help you to engage key stakeholders from within your organization and incorporate their knowledge of your business into lasting data governance processes which will help you to organize, understand and extract the maximum value of your data. Our approach to data management and governance puts your organization back in control and turns your data into an actively managed strategic asset.

Is your data “lonely”? 
In most organizations, data tends to get “siloed”—meaning that each division or unit generates and uses its own data. Once you acquire data from operating units and organize it in an appropriate way, making full use of your enterprise data means cleansing it, standardizing it, consolidating it, and protecting it. There are many ways of doing this and many different tools you could use. We can help you sort through the maze of alternatives and develop an end-to-end solution—from assessment to ongoing managed services. 

Does your data tell a story?
Once organizations identify a need to enhance their data capabilities, many times the focus is on data integrity and ensuring the data is trustworthy. This is a critical component to any successful application of analytics, but you shouldn’t stop there.

In order to make the data come to life, actionable visualizations are essential. Many visualization tools exist, but there isn’t one right tool for the job, as each level of your organization requires a different type of reporting.

We take an artistic approach to data – our
data artists understand your reporting needs and paint visuals which tell a clear story that allows you to evolve the way you do business.

Not just an organization, but a data-driven organization. 
Many organizations don’t understand the potential benefits of a data-driven organization, but once they begin investigating, the notion becomes a vision which requires an actionable strategy.

We can help you:

  • Set a strategy for managing data by understanding where your business opportunities reside, how critical stakeholders within your company consume data, and which technologies may be right for you
  • Uncover new, untapped sources of business insight by defining multiple levels of data within your organization and establishing the appropriate governance processes, systems and teams
  • Cleanse, consolidate, standardize and protect your data, which may or may not require a data warehouse
  • Paint visual stories with data artists who incorporate solutions that meet your reporting needs Express findings in a visually compelling way to best understand the information

Effective data-driven organizations are more knowledgeable, more efficient, more productive, and, best of all, more competitive. How can we help you get there?

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