We take a practical, commercial approach to analytics. We turn massive data sets into what we call Prime Insights. Prime Insights and metrics turn your business into a data-driven organization that understands its customers deeply. Internally, we harness and extract the maximum value from data—and then integrate it into your decision making processes. Externally, we help you use data to decipher customers’ behaviors and transform how you engage them.

Prime Insights have two important characteristics: they are gained efficiently and used to create direct, observable impact on your business. We use analytical platforms that yield rapid, iterative insights, avoiding longer, more expensive paths. Then we use those insights to ensure your team sees a direct impact from the efforts.
Customer Predictive Analytics
Customers expect more. Analytics delivers it. Use your data to know where your customers are going and how to engage them.
Data-Driven Organization
We combine a business-driven approach aligned to your strategy and tailor our services based on your business intelligence maturity. We can help with data strategy and assessments, data governance, and business intelligence implementation, including selecting and deploying the right tools.
Report proves theory that the insurance industry must quickly embrace analytics to remain competitive in a landscape that is being challenged from all angles
Date : January 23, 2017
Date : January 23, 2017

Data is an asset. That is the mindset companies in the insurance industry must quickly embrace if they are to remain competitive in a landscape that is being challenged from seemingly all angles. From product commoditization, shrinking margins and disruptive startups to aging technology and processes, changing customer expectations and regulatory uncertainty, insurance companies face a critical imperative to harness data assets existing within their enterprise today.

Chicago-based director adds more than 20 years of broad enterprise technology experience
Date : November 30, 2016