Matt Rager

Matt Rager


Matt Rager is a senior director in West Monroe Partners' Advanced Analytics practice. Applying a broad base of business consulting and deep technology skills, he works with clients to implement, architect, and manage data management projects that move the client to being a more agile, data-driven organization.


Matt has more than 20 years of experience focused on data-centric solutions for clients in the areas of enterprise architecture, systems integration, data warehousing, reporting, data governance, and reporting.  Matt has helped many growing clients define their data strategy and implement it.

Matt’s experience spans across many industries, including insurance, retail, real estate, and private equity. Matt has a proven track record for guiding clients looking to transform how they leverage data via data management assessment, strategy, and roadmap projects.

Most recently, Matt has been focused on performing data management strategy projects and IT due diligence projects where the target companies use data as a competitive advantage or provide a data service.  These projects have expanded Matt’s architectural knowledge in the areas of big data, predictive analytics, and high performance architectures.

Matt is considered an expert in designing data models for dynamic, data-driven applications and data warehouses. He has a reputation for delivering appropriate, high-quality solutions on time and under budget. Matt enjoys the challenge of applying technology to solve business problems and seeks to thoroughly understand the problem and the client's needs before proposing a solution.

Matt obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science at DePauw University. He lives in Chicago and remains active in several DePauw programs that help West Monroe continue to hire the best DePauw graduates.