Dan Williams

Dan Williams


Dan Williams is a senior architect in West Monroe Partners’ Performance Services practice, responsible for leading development of the firm’s internal analytics capabilities. He is responsible for establishing and running the analytics platform that provides the foundation for West Monroe Partners’ managed data management solutions, which deliver meaningful insights for an array of functional areas.


Dan Williams has more than a decade of experience leading development and delivery of flexible, effective, end-to-end business intelligence solutions—including data warehouses, and reporting and analytics solutions—for businesses of all sizes.

Since joining West Monroe Partners in 2007, Dan has worked closely with executives in a variety of industries to develop enterprise business intelligence visions and then work collaborative to turn them into robust solutions that transform businesses. Dan’s combination of technical expertise and ability to understand businesses and their complexities and communicate effectively with people at all levels of an organization equips him to drive results from both a business and IT perspective.

Dan’s experience includes architecture and development of executive- and business-level analytics across organizations, complex data modeling, business-driven data warehousing solutions that span various enterprises, self-service analytics, and reporting and dashboarding solutions.

Over the course of his career, Dan has led teams through numerous successful projects for companies in the pharmaceutical, capital markets, private equity, insurance, energy and utilities, healthcare, and other industries. He is proficient with many business intelligence tools and has deep knowledge of overall architecture and infrastructure best practices.

Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Computer Science from DePauw University. He also holds multiple Microsoft certifications.