Susan Stelter


Susan Stelter is a co-founder of West Monroe Partners and the firm’s chief people officer. In this capacity, she is responsible for overseeing key functions that shape the firm’s fast-growing workforce of more than 800 business consultants and deep technologists. Susan has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and professional services leader.


A member of the founding group of West Monroe Partners, Susan has contributed to developing virtually every aspect of the firm’s operations. In particular, she has played a key role in shaping and nurturing the firm’s distinctive, award-winning people-centric culture. 

Tapping Susan’s passions for culture and professional development, West Monroe Partners elevated her to the role of chief people officer in January 2017. In this capacity, she oversees an array of people-related matters, including talent acquisition, development, and management; HR operations; and corporate communications. She also oversees the firm’s commitment to maintaining an inclusive work environment that attracts diverse talent. 

Even before assuming this role, Susan has been heavily involved in people-related initiatives—from collaborating with the other co-founders to define the firm’s core values to providing leadership for various initiatives that have brought those values to life. For example, she helped orchestrate West Monroe Partners’ conversion to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) trust in 2012. She also participated in refreshing the firm’s mission to focus on building the next generation of leaders within the organization, the business community, and society. 

Susan’s passion for developing people stems from nearly two decades as a consultant. She has translated that experience into principles and practices that today are part of the firm’s career models, Career Equity and training programs, and performance management process—all of which center on developing skills, experience, and leadership capabilities from campus to directorship. 

Previously, Susan was West Monroe’s chief administrative officer, responsible for company-wide internal operations including the Finance, Human Resources, Legal, and Quality Assurance/Risk Management functions and related infrastructure. 

Prior to assuming leadership roles within West Monroe Partners, Susan was a consultant and trusted advisor to many clients, with a track record for improving business processes, optimizing use of data to create opportunities and competitive advantage, minimizing risk, maximizing productivity, and creating lasting change. She worked with clients of all sizes and in a wide range of industries—from healthcare to professional services, and from financial services to energy and utilities. She began her career as a consultant and then manager in Arthur Andersen's Business Consulting practice. 

Susan is a member of The Executives' Club of Chicago. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Decision Science from the University of Illinois, Chicago