John Sprunger


John Sprunger is a senior technical architect in West Monroe Partners’ Technology practice, and leads the firm’s Mobile solutions competency. He joined West Monroe Partners in 2006 and has over 10 years of consulting experience in software development, architecture design, and project management. John has led some of West Monroe’s most innovative implementations of mobile technology to drive business value for clients. 


John is an accomplished business and technology consultant within the Technology practice in Chicago. He has deep and diverse experience in performance optimization, systems integration, architecture, and delivering custom mobile, client/server, cloud and web-based applications that produce business benefits – creating competitive advantages, improving productivity and processes, and empowering employees and customers.  John has worked in a variety of industries including high tech, healthcare providers and payers, financial services, energy and utilities, manufacturing and distribution, private equity, and more.

John has architected and developed commercial software systems and products using various programming languages, frameworks, and platforms including Microsoft .NET, Xamarin, MvvmCross, Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server, WPF, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

John has also participated in over 50 Merger & Acquisition transactions, performing custom software and IT due diligence in order to assess strategy, scalability, maintainability, reliability, and security of custom applications and products for West Monroe’s private equity clients.

John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University. He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .NET cloud, mobile, and web-based systems.