Tom Jannak

Tom Jannak

Los Angeles

Tom Jannak is a senior architect in the Mergers and Acquisitions practice of West Monroe Partners. He has more than 20 years of experience applying IT Strategy, governance, systems integration, enterprise application architecture, and programming in a variety of languages and environments to address business needs. Many of Tom’s roles deal with aligning IT architectures around strategic business objectives and transforming technology architectures and organizational processes to achieve operational excellence.


One of Tom’s primary areas of focus is applying wide enterprise architecture expertise to support IT due diligence projects for private equity firms and strategic buyers. A seasoned business consultant with deep technology expertise, Tom is well versed in numerous toolsets for scalable services and SaaS architectures, including client-side application delivery models for both web-based and hardware-specific clients. The depth of expertise extends far beyond cloud and web-based assets, reaching into domains such as embedded systems, machine learning, real-time systems, computer vision, and mobile architectures.

Tom has practical experience in aligning IT and corporate business strategies. He has personally led an organization of 130 developers through a one-year strategic turnaround that drove the organization to profitability with record-setting production throughput, increased product quality, streamlined facilities, and new leadership team hires that saw 95% workforce retention. For BigMachines, he was hired to prepare their SaaS product for enterprise scale, and within 2 years, saw multiple Fortune 100 companies signing on, which capped with BigMachines being acquired by Oracle in 2013.

Tom began his consulting career in 1996 with his own consulting company and was immediately engaged by Ernst & Young and other Fortune 100 companies. With experience consulting for top enterprises both domestically and internationally, he joined West Monroe Partners in early 2014.

Tom holds an MBA in e-Business from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and formally trained on TOGAF 9.1.